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What are some tests used to diagnose coronary artery disease?

electrocardiogram, stress tests, cardiac catheterization, imaging tests such as a chest x ray, blood tests

What does your blood results mean?

There are many different tests that can be performed on a sample of your blood. No one sample ever received all those tests. so the meaning of your blood results depends on what tests were done, how old you are, whether you are male or female, and, sometimes, what race your are. Ask you doctor to explain the meaning of your results.

What tests are used to confirm parrot fever?

Blood tests for antibodies, usually complement fixation or immunofluorescence tests. The organism is difficult to culture. A chest x ray can diagnose pneumonia caused by C. psittaci.

What tests are done after colon cancer has been diagnosed?

Blood studies include a complete blood count, liver function tests, and a CEA. Imaging studies will include a chest x ray and a CAT scan (computed tomography scan) of the abdomen.

What does agglutination mean in blood typing tests?

1. Is the clumping of particles meaning that they're bonding.

Is the test a blood test?

Pregnancy tests can be both blood tests ot urine tests.

What test occur upon admission to a hospital?

Some routine tests will be performed, including blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and weight checks; blood tests; urinalysis ; chest x ray ; and electrocardiogram (ECG). A brief physical exam will be performed. The health care.

What are blood sugar tests?

Blood sugar tests include several different tests that measure the amount of sugar (glucose) in a person's blood.

Will chew tobacco show up in a blood or urine test?

No, no form of tobacco or alcohol will show up in tests typically blood tests unless they are searching for it. Which they do, when they run blood tests for surgery and insurance blood-tests.

What type of specimen is required for most blood tests?

For most of the blood tests fasting blood specimen is required

How do blood pregnancy tests work?

It tests the hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels that are in your blood.

What do Electrolyte tests come from?

Electrolyte tests are performed from routine blood tests

What is the medical term meaning cancer of the white blood cells?

The medical term that means cancer of the white blood cells is chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It is often found by routine blood tests.

How is smoke inhalation diagnosed?

In addition to looking for the signs of heat damage, tissue irritation, and asphyxiation, the physician will assess the patient's breathing. Blood tests. Chest x rays. bronchoscopy. Other pulmonary function tests may be performed.

What shows up in routine blood tests?

Many different health conditions can show up in routine blood tests. Blood tests can also reveal drug and alcohol usage.

What are Coombs' tests?

Coombs' tests are blood tests that identify the causes of anemia

What blood tests require fasting?

Blood tests for Cholesterol and sugar are the most common ones.glycomark

Can you detect sexual diseases by blood tests?

Yes, some STIs are detected via blood tests.

Are there any blood tests you have to fast 24 hours for?

Are there any blood tests you have to fast 24 hours for?

Did New Jersey stop blood tests for marriage?

Blood tests are not required to get married in New Jersey.

How is SARS diagnosed?

Currently, initial tests include blood cultures, Gram stain, chest radiograph, and tests for other viral respiratory pathogens. if SARS is suspected, samples are forwarded to.public health departments and/or the CDC for coronavirus antibody testing.

Alt blood test?

There are many different kinds of alternative blood tests. These blood tests could be used to test for many diseases.

Does marijuana in blood stream interfere with medical tests for other conditions?

It has been proven that marijuana in the blood stream will not interfere with blood tests.

What tests are done for heart problems?

ekg, electrocardogram, chest exrays

What types of blood tests are there?

Psi blood test