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My interpretation is, that some people are shown things and learn. Others are shown things, and don't bother to learn so they just "gargle"

Additionally, when you are really thirsty you go drink, and sometimes you have to work hard to find good water, because there are many other fluids out there you can drink, but really all those are good for; is gargling.

The meaning was described to me in this way..."Just because you've done 1,000 things 1 time, doesn't make you an expert in anything." "But do 1 thing 1,000 times and you will begin to understand what it will take to be great at that 1 thing."

Additionally, think of the act of gargling - you hold a little water in your mouth, swish it around and then you SPIT IT OUT - in effect rejecting it.

One of my favorite corollary quotes is "You can lead a horse to water but not make it drink, you can lead a person to knowledge and not make them think".

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Q: Meaning some drink in the fountain of knowledge some just gargle?
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