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Meaning what terms plane point vertex angle ray segment line congruent?


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February 02, 2010 3:46PM

Plane: A flat surface with no thickness

When we draw something on a flat piece of paper we are drawing on a plane ...

... except that the paper itself is not a plane, because it has thickness! And it should extend forever, too.

So the very top of a perfect piece of paper

that goes on forever is the right idea!

Also, the top of a table, the floor and a whiteboard are all like a plane.

Line: A series of points on a plane that go on forever

Segment: A part of a line with two endpoints

Point: A location in space on a plane

Ray: A part of a line but with only one endpoint and goes on forever in one direction

Vertex: The point at which two lines intersect

Angle: Two rays with the same endpoint

Congruent: With equal sides and angles