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yes it causes lazy eye if torn or sprained.

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Q: Medial rectus muscle causes of weaknes?
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Which eye muscle turns the eye medially?

The medial rectus muscle turns the eye medially. The medial rectus is innervated by the oculomotor nerve.

What eye muscle turns the eye medially?

Medial rectus

What is the medial rectus muscle of the eye?

it is the lower muscle of the eyeball. Helps move the eyeball.

What muscle is inserted on the medial surface of the eye?

The medial rectus inserts on the medial surface of the eye. It is innervated by the oculomotor nerve.

What extrinsic eye muscle turns the eye medially?

The Medial Rectus.

What is the muscle involved in the rotation of the eye?

The muscle is called an 'extraocular muscle', of which there are 6 - they are relatively small,incredible strong and efficient. They are : medial rectus; superior rectus; superior oblique; lateral rectus; inferior rectus and inferior oblique.

Which muscles would you use to cross your eyes?

Medial Rectus Muscle and Inferior Oblique Muscle

What is the causes of crossed eyes?

Over firing of neurons specific to the muscle in the direction of the eye turn or under action of an opposing muscle. For example, if your eye turns inward it could be over firing of the 3rd cranial nerve causing over action of the medial rectus, or it could be underaction of the 6th cranial nerve which causes the lateral rectus to be too weak to compensate for the adduction action of the medial rectus.

Trochlear nerve conveys proprioceptor impulses from the medial rectus muscle to the brain?


Which muscle is not associated with a movement of the eyeball?

The muscles associated with the movement of the eyeball are the superior rectus inferior rectus the superior oblique and inferior oblique and the medial and lateral rectus

Which muscle of the medial compartment of the thigh does not insert onto the linea aspera of the femur?

Rectus femoris

Which muscle type allows you to move your eyeballs?

There are six skeletal muscles that allow you to move your eyeballs. The medial rectus, lateral rectus, superior rectus, inferior rectus, supeior oblique, and inferior oblique.

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