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Medical use for alcohol?

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There are not many medical uses for alcohol. However, dark beer can be used for boosting milk production in woman who breast feed.

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Is there any medical use for alcohol?

Pure alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) is very commonly used to disinfect shallow wounds.

What company does clean harbors use for drug and alcohol testing?

In canada we use Maritime Medical Supply

What is the medical term meaning alcohol?

In medical documentation, alcohol is often abbreviated ETOH.

What danger is associated with the use of medical management for alcohol withdrawal?

dependence on a new substance

Will ETHYL alcohol uses for medical use test positive during a urine test?


Where can one find information on alcohol and breastfeeding?

One can find information on alcohol use while one is breastfeeding by checking out reputable medical sites. An excellent website for medical information in many areas in WebMD.

What is an alcohol addict?

Alcohol is a drug, and alcohol addiction is the same thing as alcoholism. The term "addiction" is coming into use with respect to alcohol because of the non-medical and often emotional baggage that goes along with the word alcoholic.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning alcohol?

ETOH is the medical abbreviation meaning ethanol, the kind of alcohol people drink

What way can plants be use for medical purposes?

Fresh, prepared as a tea, mixed with alcohol (tincture) as a patch.

What type of things causes miscarriages?

Medical conditions, substance use (drugs, alcohol), bad luck.

What are medical uses for alcohol?


What is the medical name for alcohol?


What Is etoh alcohol?

ETOH is a medical abbreviation for ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, also called beverage alcohol.

Why spirit don't have 100 percent alcohol?

Because denature alcohol is unfit for drinking to maintain the miss use of alcohol for drinking purpose, if it happen than alcohol will be sold out in medical store and any body can get it will break our chemical code and conduct.

ETHYL alcohol for medical use test positive during a urine test?

Ethyl alcohol and beverage alcohol are the same thing. Alcohol can be absorbed through the skin. If you are subject to EtG testing, you could test positive. If you are given a normal immunoassay screen, you will be OK. Use gloves. Obviously, if you drink it you're caught.

Valium with alcohol?

Mixing any drugs with any alcohol is a medical no-no. Valium with alcohol turns the patient into a monster!

What is isotropy alcohol?

Isopropyl alcohol is also known as "rubbing alcohol," typically used in medical capacities as an antiseptic.

Heavy cigarette smoking and the use of alcohol throughout pregnancy usually increase?

A baby being born with a medical problem.

Does coke use alcohol?

Coke does not use alcohol but they use caffeine that people mistake for alcohol. Caffeine is like alcohol though.

Does alcohol have any medical benefits or uses?


What is the medical term for not drinking?

abstinence from alcohol

What are legal uses of alcohol?

medical and recreational.

What does the medical abbreviation OH mean?


Is alcohol an anaesthetic?

Alcohol does have anesthetic properties, but it isn't used for that purpose, in the medical industry.

How do you survive alcohol withdrawals.?

Alcohol withdrawal is often conducted under medical supervision.

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