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contact the nearest mb dealer who will be able to match a code to your vehcile data


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How can I have a radio code for my car E200 (Year 2000)? I need it after changing the car battery!

How to get the 1995 c 220 Mercedes radio code? i just open the Battery and my radio code reset, i don't know the code

It will delete the pre-programmed radio stations.

Insert the correct code in the radio by way of the preset buttons.

check radio fuse on fuse box if thats good simply call dealer give them ur vin number they will give you the code to reset your radio .

It is a complicated process to reset the radio in your Hyundai Sonata after changing the car battery. First you must have the access key. Enter the access key at the prompt and follow the instructions that will be shown on your radio screen.

No. The only thing would be the clock and radio.

You probably need a code to enter into the radio presets as it is a security radio. Without the code it will not function.

you need to call the dealer and get troubleshooting

Check your fuse panel for a blown radio fuse.

its a security feature and you will need the radio code to unlock it.

By changing the battery, you erased your car's computer presets. Your car probably has an anti-theft radio, that locks when power is lost to it, and requires a factory security code to unlock it. The code might be in a section of the owner's manual, but if you cannot find it, you have to go to a new car dealership and have them reset the radio.

The battery has been disconnected. You will have to reenter the radio security code to reenable it.

Every time you disconnect a battery cable you have to reprogram the radio stations ( if that's what you are asking )

you will have to pull your radio out of the dash to be able to look at the model number and/or serial number of your radio. Call a local Pontiac dealer and they can give you a code to enter when you turn your radio on after changing your battery.

If the radio is standard it will reqire a pin code if you dont have it a jeep dealer will be able to give it to you at a cost.

Try changing your fuses 25 amp

Call A Mercedes-Benz dealership and provide the vin to them and they'll give you the code. After I had my battery replaced in my 92 300CE my radio didn't work and I read in the manual that I needed to contact the dealership.

The only thing you will have to reset is the clock and the radio presets.

Nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock.

There is nothing to reset except the radio presets and the clock.

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