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contact the nearest mb dealer who will be able to match a code to your vehcile data

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โˆ™ 2007-05-08 20:38:21
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Q: Mercedes c230 year 1998 car radio is not working due to battery changing need code?
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How I can but the Mercedes 200c radio code-2000?

How can I have a radio code for my car E200 (Year 2000)? I need it after changing the car battery!

Can't find radio security code for my ML 320 Mercedes after changing battery?

Call 1-800-MERCEDES, give them your VIN#

What is the 1995 c 220 radio code Mercedes?

How to get the 1995 c 220 Mercedes radio code? i just open the Battery and my radio code reset, i don't know the code

Why did the alarm and radio as well as the cigarette lighter stop working in 1997 Ford Escort LX after changing battery?

check the fuses in the cab of the car

Will changing the battery on your Mini Cooper affect the radio?

It will delete the pre-programmed radio stations.

How do you unlock the radio after changing the battery?

Insert the correct code in the radio by way of the preset buttons.

Do you have to reset anything after changing battery on a 2002 silverado?

Radio presets.

Do you have to reprogram your vehicle after changing the battery?

No. The only thing would be the clock and radio.

How do you reset the radio in a 2000 Chrysler Concorde after changing the battery?

get code from dealer

Radio stopped working after changing truck battery in a 2002 Nissan Frontier?

check radio fuse on fuse box if thats good simply call dealer give them ur vin number they will give you the code to reset your radio .

How do you reset radio after changing car battery on Hyundai sonata?

It is a complicated process to reset the radio in your Hyundai Sonata after changing the car battery. First you must have the access key. Enter the access key at the prompt and follow the instructions that will be shown on your radio screen.

Why does the radio not go on after changing car battery?

You probably need a code to enter into the radio presets as it is a security radio. Without the code it will not function.

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