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Q: Meryl Streep's children's ages
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What was the smallest crusade in the middle ages?

it was the childrens crusade

What are Will Smith's childrens ages and names?

the names are trey, willow, and Jaden smith

What are Jermaine Jacksons childrens name and ages by hazel gordy?

8 9

How old do you have to be to work at childrens place the clothing store?

between the ages of 17-18

What ages are childrens' tickets for Disneyland tickets?

Children's tickets are for ages 3 to 9. Anyone 10 and up is considered an adult

What are Ron Ely's childrens ages?

Ron Ely's seems to have tried to keep his children out of the media. There is very little known about them publicly including their ages.

Is Harry Potter a childrens film?

I think its a ages 10+ film, although I saw the movies when I was 7.

What are Sarah Palin's childrens names and ages?

Track 21 Bristol 20 Willow 16 Piper 9

How many pages in an average childrens book from ages 4-6?

Around 12-14 pages, with a lot of pictures, of course. =]

Why was the Lord of the Rings not adapted by Disney?

Because LOTR is not actually a childrens movie wheras Disney only adpats films which is suitable for all ages but LOTR is not sutiable fort all ages as it has many violent scences

Why was Winnie the Pooh invented?

Winnie da pooh was invented as a character in a book for childrens reading but adults and ppl of all ages read him to xxx

Is toontown for adults?

Toontown is really for all ages. Sure they show commercials for it on childrens channels but no matter how old you are you can still enjoy a fun game.

What is the reading level for The Son of Neptune?

i would say ages 9 to 13 because somtimes its a bit hard to read but most times its easy and a childrens book : >

Where can I find new recipes for my kid?

Good booksellers such as WH Smith and Waterstones will have childrens cookbooks. These will be aimed at different ages and skills and usually have a variety of different types of food.

Were they any hobbits in tales of the middle ages or did Tolkien make them up on his own?

Tolkien as a kid has read childrens fairy tales and no hobbits were not in them because in the middle ages creatures in fairy tales were goblins trolls fairies dwarves elves dragons gnomes and ogres

What are Meryl Streep's eye color?

I have been wondering about the same thing for ages now. Yesterday I figured out that here eye color is dark green, kind of olive. Her hair is originally blond and her height is 5'6'' [1,71m].

What are some easy to play family board games?

There are quite a few easy to play family board games. One might look to checkers or Chutes and Ladders. Someone may also play Monopoly or Pictionary. Depending on the childrens ages in the family, there are also many easy younger childrens games like Cooties and Don't Break The Ice.

How many children by law can you have in Pa as a home day care?

In a PA state-licensed home day care, the provider may care for up to 6 unrelated children. There are ratios to follow based on the childrens ages also.

What does the phrase ages and ages and ages mean?

Ages and ages and ages means a really long time.

What was the transition between roman society to medieval society?

The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.The Dark Ages.

If you had a single mom an 11 year old boy and a 13 year old daughter when trying to rent a 2 bedroom house How would that work out?

It would not be very suitable due to the childrens ages. They should have their own bedroom each.

What was period between the fall of rome and the renaissance called?

It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.It is called the Dark Ages.

What retail stores have the best variety and prices on kids puzzle games?

Target and Walmart tend to have the most popular and best variety of childrens' puzzle games for all ages. Mostly any store will sell these, but these two stores might have the best values.

What ages do you times horses ages by?

Horses ages are the same as people