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Metal react with water?

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Generally no, but alkali and alkali earths metals can react with water.

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metal oxides do not react with water .Metal reacts with water and it made metal oxides.

A hydrogen gas is produced when a metal and water react.

Calcium can react with water.

Sulfur doesn't react with water.

For example uranium react with oxygen but not with water.

Magnesium. I believe Magnesium does not react to fresh water but salt water is very corrosive and will disolve the metal.

the metals which are bellow hydrogen in the metal activity series cannot react with cold water or steam

A metal which is still used for piping because it doesn't react with water?

Alkali metals and alkali earth metals react with water; the other metals doesn't react.

No, the metal will react strongly with water.

yes an alkali metal reacts in water as a transition metal does not

Alkali metals and alkali earth metals react with water; the other metals doesn't react.

Zinc doesn't react with cold water but it does react with steam

A metal that does not react to acid, oxygen or water does not exist.

Water does react with aluminum carbide. The metal actually decomposes in water and produces methane.

Only Alkali metals react with water at room temperature all other metals do not react.

Yes, calcium react with water.

Magnesium burns brightly with oxygen, but does not react to water.

No. Rhodium is a noble metal.

Sodium ion exist in water as the product of a dissociation; sodium (metal) react violently with water

Water reacts with metal oxides of metals high in the reactivity series to form metal hydroxides, but metal hydroxides do not react with water.

Metals like Zinc and Iron do not react with cold water but react with steam.

Most metals react in water to give a metal hydroxide with cold water and a metal oxide with steam

no, they would react... in paraffin

With Cold Water = Metal Hydroxide. With Hot Water = Nothing An acid is formed when certain metals react with water

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