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Method of rubber cultivation?


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The work of a rubber plantation is done very scientifically. Every tree of a rubber estate is carefully looked after. For this, some special type of labourers are employed. Rubber is planted from the seedlings, and becomes ready for tapping in 6 or 7 years. For making the rubber plants high-yielding, its seedlings are grafted. This is done in a very interesting way. When the seedlings are about 5 or 6 cm. in diameter, buds from the selected high-yielding trees are grafted on to the seedlings. This is done to transmit the high-yielding quality of the "mother-tree". The graft is, then, kept bound and left for a few weeks. After a few weeks the grafted buds sprout. Then, the old tree is cut off just above the point of union. The grafted seedlings are, then, planted in row 5 or 6 metres apart from each other. In order to conserve the soil and its fertility, some crop covers (leguminous creepers etc.) are planted in between the seedling trees. During the period of its growth, planters take all the measures against pest and diseases. Manure and fertilizer are regularly added.