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In the laboratory, three methods are commonly used for culturing animal viruses. These methods involve using living animals, embryonic eggs, or cell cultures.

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Methods in fish cultivation?

what are the methods of fish cultivition

Describe two methods of viral infection?

viral and airborn

What are methods of fish cultivation?

Some methods of fish cultivation are the cage system, the irrigation ditch, pond system, or classic fry farming. The cage system is sometimes called off shore cultivation.

What are the methods of viral isolation?

One method is to send Viral to his bedroom without supper.

What are the different methods of fish cultivation in Visayas?

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Do blood agar support viral cultivation?

No, Blood Agar does not support viral cultivation. If you have a nutrient agar plate with a lawn of cells coating the surface, you could add viruses to the lawn and the viral culture will survive on the plate by infecting the cells in the lawn, clearing them as the cells are lysed. The areas of clearance on the plate are called plaques.

What are the methods of cultivation in Malaysia?

mostly sunshine, fresh water a bonus too :)

What is the cultivation of a garden?

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Is there any medication to treat a viral infection?

yes ..there are medication methods for viral infection...this website can help you to know about that

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What two methods are used to control viral disease?


What are two methods for controlling viral diseases?

Vector control and drug therapy are two ways, other than vaccination, for controlling viral diseases.

What is transfection?

Transfection is the process of introducing nucleic acids into cells by non-viral methods

Name two methods for controlling viral diseases?

antibiotics and vaccination alsoo hygine

What is the difference between early farmers cultivation methods and modern farmers cultivation methods?

In the early days, our forefathers only use stones as knives and axe but as time passes by people made machines eg. spade, forks and then realized that farming is much easier and also save time.

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What are the importance of fish cultivation?

importance of fish cultivation

Land that is fit for cultivation?

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Why growing or cultivation of viruses is of medical importance?

-to isolate and identify viruses in clinical specimens -prepare viruses for vaccines -to research in detail the viral structures, multiplication cycles, genetics, and effects on the host cells

Japanese American contributions to America?

Japanese immigrants introduced sophisticated irrigation methods that enabled the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers on previously marginal lands

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