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Mewtwo pokemon leafgreen?


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September 13, 2011 11:39AM

cerulean cave, on B1 floor (note: after u have beaten elite four and gotten Sapphire)

directions... (note: bring a lot of max repels, if u don't you will regret it!)

1. go to cerulean cave.

2. walk up until you see the first body of water

3. follow water going past the first section of land you see

4. continue in water until you see a pokeball lying on the ground near the water

5. get on that section of the land

6. take the stairs to your right

7. follow that strip of land going past the first lader you see

8. continue on and go down the stairs

9. turn to your right and there should be another set of stairs with a lader on the small section on the land

10. use that lader

11. go left

12. go down

13. go right

14. go down

15. turn right, not going down the path with the rock you would smash

16. go left until u hit the rocks then go down

17. follow the path until youreach a lader

18. use that lader

19. after you use that lader go down and use the lader under it

20. go up until you hit the wall of the cave

21. take a right and use the stairs below you

22. once off the stairs take a right until you hit the wall again

23. go up until you hit the wall

24. continue on that path until you see a rock you could smash which should be above you

25. the go down until you hit a wall

26. go left until you hit a rock

27. then use the stairs above you

28. folow that path until you see another set of stairs

29. use those stairs

30. follow that path until you see anouther set of stairs

31. use those stairs and go into the body of water next to you

32. travel up until you hit a wall

33. then go left and mewtwo should be visible on your screen

and your there! My suggestion, save before you talk to him, so if you make him faint or you run out of pokeballs you can just turn off the game and try again!

I suggest you to use Ultra ball to catch him,its not to hard...Be cause you should save master ball for legendary dog :)