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Mexican name for James?

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Is Jimmy a Mexican name?

no, Jimmy is a nickname for James

Is James K. Polk Mexican?

No. James was not Mexican.

How is James Roday half Mexican?

His father is Mexican.

Is pinto a Mexican name or a Italian name?


What is the name of a Mexican city that shares its name with a Mexican city?


What is the name of Mexican money?

It is the Mexican Peso.

What is the Mexican flags name?

Mexican Flag

What is the name of the Mexican war?

The Mexican war

Who instigated the Mexican War?

James Polk .;.

Is James roday half Mexican?


How co you say James in Mexican?


Is Mickey James Mexican or white?

She is an American.

What is the name of the Mexican football team?

Mexican national soccer team name

Who was president of the US when it was the Mexican Cession?

The Mexican-American War, and the resulting Mexican Cession, were during the presidency of James K. Polk.

Who was the Mexican president when James Polk was in office when the leading up to the Mexican War?

santa anna

Is James from Big Time Rush A Mexican?

No, Carlos is.

What is the name of the Mexican dish starting with T?

What is the name of a Mexican dish starting with the letter T?

Is Gonzales a Mexican name?

There are many Mexican families with the surname Gonzales, but the name originates from Spain.

What is the name of the Mexican Gang in the show Weeds?

the mexican cartels

Is Cortez a Mexican last name?

It is NOT Mexican! It is a Spaniard surname!

What is a Mexican blanket called?

"Zarape" is the name of the Mexican blanket.

What is the name of the Mexican hairless dogs?

The Mexican Hairless dog's proper name is Xoloitzcuintli,or Xolo for short.

Is ramirez a Mexican name?

Yes,it is Mexican. But all Spanish people use this name,it is very popular!

What does the name rosaisela mean?

a mexican name

Is Jasmine a good name for a Mexican?

Although Jasmine is not a Mexican name it is a pretty name and any nationality can choose any name they choose for their child.