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Michael Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State anthem?


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No, he doesn't. He owns the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" which is part of the Beatles collection he owns the rights to. He does not own the rights to "South Carolina on My Mind".


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Not Michael Jackson. He does own the rights to "Carolina on My Mind" that is included in the Beatles songs he has the rights to, but he does not own the rights of "South Carolina on My Mind".Always check Snopes.

Michael Jackson paid $47.5 million dollars in 1985 for the publishing rights.

Michael Jackson. Now his estate, his kids will inherit everything.

Michael Jackson was richer than Cyrus when he was alive. He had purchased the rights to the Beatles songs while he was alive as well. But now Miley is richer because Michael Jackson passed on.

Michael Jackson paid 47 million dollars for the Beatle's music catalogue in 1985.

The father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, is worth about $500,000. He does not own the rights to any of his son's music.

No. Before his death, Michael Jackson was acquiring the rights and legal trademarks of various songs (including some Beatles material right underneath Paul McCartney's nose and knowledge) but Michael Jackson never had the opportunity to get the legal rights to own the song "Happy Birthday."

No, his publisher sold the rights to the song to Joe Jackson.

Yea he bought the rights to the beatles music.

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Michaelowns the publishing rights to most of the Beatles songs, he does not own their recordings.

The national anthem is public domain, nobody has copyright on the words or music.

Michael bought the publishing rights to the Beatles music, he doesn't own their recordings he just collects a 1/2 writer royalty.

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He does not own the Beatles songs. He owns the publishing rights. The Beatles recordings still belong to them.

AFAIK, Michael Jackson owns the rights jointly with Sony. This is true for most of the Beatles' songs.

Paul McCartney of The Beatles. It also caused a feud between Michael and Paul....over rights to the song!

Michael Jackson the publishing rights for a number of songs, including a large portion of the Beatles catalog when he acquired Northern Lights LTD in 1985. He does not own the copyrights, those are still held by the original composers (or their estates).

Michael purchased the Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalogue, which has hundreds of artists songs including Elvis. The only Elvis song that has been annonced that he owns the rights to is "Burning Love".

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