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It will depend on the specific type of file and version of Excel. The standard spreadsheet uses xls for versions up to 2003 and xlsx from version 2007. You can also have other types of files, like Excel template files, which would be xlt, or xlm for Excel macro files. There are several other types too.

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Q: Microsoft Excel files saved in what file name extension?
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Which is the three letter extension for Microsoft word file?

Microsoft Word files are saved with the extension .doc

Does Microsoft Excel work with Microsoft Works?

Microsoft Excel can open Microsoft Works files saved in the Microsoft Works 2.0 (or earlier) format. To open Microsoft Works 3.0 or 4.0 files in Microsoft Excel, you must first save them in a compatible file format.

What is the file extension used on Excel workbook files that are saved in the Office 2007 format?


What is the standard file extension for files created and saved using Microsoft Word 2007 or Word 2010?

.docx is the extension for Word 2007 and 2010.

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.htm and .html

Can you use files saved on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007?

Yes, you can use files saved on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (but not the other way around).

Is Microsoft Word document saved with an extension document?


Where do saved files stored in Excel?

The files are saved on your hard drive or on whatever storage medium you select. Excel is very obedient and will put the files where ever you tell it (even if you don't remember where you told it to put the files).

What extension by default do files saved in Write use?


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You can open these files with Babylon electronic dictionaries software. See Microsoft Flight Simulator also writes saved games to the files with such extensions.

When a file is saved Excel automatically appends the extension to the entered file name which stands for Excel workbook?


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