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What is a description of a shogun in feudal Japan?

Military Dictator

In feudal Japan who was the supreme leader?

answer The supreme leader in feudal Japan were the Shogun, they were like a type of military dictator.

What does the word shogun mean in Japan?

In feudal Japan the Shogun was the military dictator of Japan. It means literally "commander of a force". It is equivalent to a Commander in Chief.

In feudal Japan what did samurai represent?

the military class

In feudal Japan, what did samurai represent?

The military class

Who held the real power in feudal Japan?

Feudal Japan was dominated by the powerful regional families (damio) and the military rule of warlords (shogun), not the emperors.

What factor helped the military to dominate society in feudal japan?

That is classified

Who is the leader with the title of had the power of a military dictator in Japan?

Hideki Tojo .

What is the role of a shogun in a feudal japan society?

The Shoguns role was to take of the military

Military dictator in japan who ordered attack on pearl harbor?

Hideki Tojo

What was a common feature of feudal socities in both japan and Europe?

domination by a military class

When did Hideki Tojo become military dictator in Japan?

Tojo became Prime Minister in 1941.

Where is feudal Japan located?


Who was military dictator of Japan between 1941 - 1945?

i dont know i was wondering the same thing

What does a shogun do?

The shogun was the Absolutist Military dictator of japan, operating while hiding behind the figurehead "emperor".

Why was Tojo Hideki a dictator?

He was not the dictator of Japan. He was just the Prime Minister of Japan.

Does Japan have a dictator?

No dictator. Constitutional monarchy.

Who was Prime Minister Tojo?

He was a military leader for Japan. He made the descisions such as the choice to join the axis powers. So he was pretty much the dictator of Japan.

A common characteristic of Feudal Japan and Feudal Europe is?


What is the difference between feudal japan and china?

japan was based on the feudal system and china was based on imperialism.

What are main facts about feudal japan?

emeperors had littlle or no power in feudal japan shoguns had the real power

Who ruled Japan after the emperors' power declined?

The Kamakura shogunate ruled Japan after the emperors power declined. The Kamakura shogunate was a type of feudal military government.

What type of dictator was hideki tojo?

He was a military dictator

Why was the war in 1905 important?

It established Japanas a respected military power after they defeated the Russian Navy, and brought Japan into the forefront of military technology. Japan had been feudal and primitive just a few decades before the war.

Is Václav Klaus President of Czech Republic a politician or a military dictator?

Of course a Military Dictator.