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Minimalist composers use repeating rhythms and harmonies that change gradually.

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What is Additive Melody?

This is a key minimalist technique that involves the gradual change of a melodic or rhythmic idea, by the addition or subtraction of a note to/from a repeating pattern or ostinato. Alternatively, a note might be replaced by a rest, or a rest by a note. It is often employed by key minimalist composers such as Phillip Glass.

What is the percent for .4 repeating?

0.4 repeating = 44.44... repeating %.

What is the repeating decimal of 0.21?

0.21000... with the 0s repeating or 0.20999... with the 9s repeating.

Is 33 a repeating decimal?

No, 33 is an integer. 0.3333 repeating is a repeating decimal.

Is 55 terminating or repeating?


What symbol represents a repeating decimal?

For a single repeating digit, it is a dot over the digit.For string of repeating digits, it can be a dot over the first and last repeating digits, or a bar over the repeating string.

What is 4.4 repeating as a percent?

444.44... repeating %

How do you write .72 repeating as a decimal?

0.72 repeating written as a decimal is 0.72 repeating

How do you convert a repeating decimal into percent?

you use the decimal that is repeating and out that number twice. examples: .6 repeating= 66 percent 0.9 repeating= 99%

Do rational numbers have a repeating decimal?

They can. And if you include repeating 0s and repeating 9s, then all rational numbers can be written with infinitely long repeating digits.

How do you know when to put the bar on a repeating decimal?

The bar is only used for repeating decimals. If it is repeating, you can use it.

Is 125 a repeating decimal?

No. 125 is not repeating decimal.

What is .2 repeating as a percent?

It is 22.22... repeating %

What is 0.7 repeating as a decimal?

0.7777 repeating is a decimal.

What is 4.23 repeating as a decimal?

4.23 repeating is a decimal.

What is 0.45 repeating as a decimal?

0.45 repeating is a decimal!

What is 3.66 repeating as a decimal?

3.66 repeating is a decimal.

What is 1.21 repeating as a decimal?

1.21 repeating ... is a decimal.

What is 3.25 repeating as a decimal?

3.25 repeating ... is a decimal.

What repeating decimal is equal to 130?

It is 129.999... (repeating).

what is 0.135 repeating as a fraction?


How do you read a repeating decimal?

Either, the decimal with a line over what's repeating (eg. 0.6 with a line over it), or decimal repeating (eg. "point six repeating").

Is there such a thing as a repeating decimal that has a non-repeating decimal after it?

No, because repeating decimals never stop repeating, so it would be impossible to have a different number that does not repeat.

What is 14 repeating as a fraction?

0.14 repeating as a fraction = 14/99

What is The value of 99.9 repeating plus 9.9 repeating plus 9 repeating?

Well 99.99999(repeating) = 100The rigorous proof for this involves expressing 99.9999...9 as a geometric series and then calculating the number to which is converges, which is exactly 100. Interesting huh? Or you can think about it like this: Since there is no number you can chose that is between 99.9999(repeating) and 100, which is impossible for two different numbers, they must be equal.This also applies here: 9.9999(repeating) = 10So 99.99(repeating) + 9.99(repeating) = 110.However 9 repeating = Infinity.Therefor your answer is simply infinity, as infinity is not a number so you can not get Infinity + 110.99.9 repeating plus 9.9 repeating plus 9 repeating = infinity