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Nobility had their children betrothed from the moment they were born, but women could marry at around 13 at the youngest at boys at around 16.

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There was no fixed age for marriage in most legal systems. In some, such as the laws of the Visigoths, marriage could not take place until a proper dowry could be put together, and this was customary in other cultures. Men often did not marry until they were able to show they could support a family. The result was that though there was no legislated minimum age, in effect the minimum was 20 to 25. The article found at the link below says that the average age for marriage in the 13th through 15th centuries was 25.

Members of royal families had a different situation, because their marriages had international implications. So they were often subjected to arranged marriages negotiated when they were very young, and they were sometimes married at very young ages. They Church tried to discourage this sort of thing, and marriage at too early an age was a ground for annulment.

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