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a baseball with the word minnesota and the word twins. you know, its not that hard to find this information if you just search the internet. Did you not know there was a twins website? Some people's children...

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What does Minnesota Twins logo stand for?

The "TC" on their hats and helmets stands for "Twin Cities." The "M" on their other hats and helmets obviously stands for "Minnesota."

What does the word Twin mean in Minnesota Twins?

The word twin stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. That is why the logo of the Twins is the T over the C.

What font does the Minnesota Twins use for their TC logo?

The TC stands for twin cities Minneapolis and St. Paul

What does TC logo on the Twins baseball caps stand for?

The Minnesota Twins are named after the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. And so the TC stands for Twin Cities.

What does the letter C stand for in the logo of the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

T for Twin, C for Cities. For the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

Why are they named Minnesota Twins?

They are named after the twin cites, Minneapolis & St. Paul. That's also why they have the letters "T" & "C" as their logo. My Uncle, Dale H. worked for Dixie Cup and the team owner when it was in Washington was a client of his. When the team was moved to Minnesota he came up with name and logo.

You thought the logo on a throwback Minnesota Twins uniform contained a G For what does the G stand?

The G stands for Gophers. From 1907-1910 Minnesota had a team in the Negro Leagues named the St. Paul Colored Gophers.

What does the twins logo look like?

The twins logo has a T overlaying a big C, meaning "Twin Cities" for example the nickname for St. Paul Minneapolis. However, the Twins have a new logo, which has red letters and a line "NS".

What is the name of the baseball team with the W logo?

The Washington Senators used a "W" as their logo from 1901 to 1960 when they became The Minnesota Twins. A second Washington Senators was formed in 1961, but struggled to attract crowds and moved to Texas to become The Rangers in 1972.

What does stpg stand for in the Minnesota Twins logo?

It stands for The St. Paul Colored Gophers. It was a team in the early 1900s that helped pave the way for desegregation in baseball. The Minnesota Twins have honored them 3 times by wearing replicas during games. More than one team wears uniforms in tribute to the negro leagues.. the Indians wearing 1946 Cleveland Buckeyes throwback uniforms, and the Twins dressing like the 1909 St. Paul Gophers.

What is the mascot for the Minnesota Twins?

Now: T.C. Bear( Standing for Twin Cities) Also the Twins got there name from Twin Cities(Minneapolis and St. Paul) Next year: Spott, The Target Logo dog.(Target the store) Because The new field is called" Target Field"

What are there name Minnesota wildcats or Minnesota wild?

The team is known as the Minnesota Wild. Although their logo appears to be either a wildcat or a bear, they simply go by the Wild.

What are the dimensions of a twins logo on a cap?

i don't know but i would like 2 know.

What does the Minnesota Vikings logo depict?

The helmet logo depicts the horns worn by Vikings in the era hundreds of years before the US was formed, while the primary logo shows the profile of a Viking with helmet and golden tresses.

The Minnesota Vikings logo contains two white Vikings horn where does the team use those on their uniforms?

The Minnesota Vikings uniforms do not display the two white horns version of the logo at present. Instead they display the word 'Vikings' which is usually in the front middle of the jerseys.

Who is the artist of the Minnesota Wild logo?

vano he is a gay wad and loves to eat poop and loves men

What colors are used in the Lakers logo?

The Lakers is an American professional basketball team that began in Minnesota, Minneapolis in 1947. The Lakers Logo featrues yellow color for the fill of the ball, the names and the stars, blue for the outline of every element on the logo, and white for the fill of the map.

What shoe company uses wings in its logo?

It's the Red Wing Shoe company. The company has a 105 year history that started in Red Wing Minnesota. They use a red wing for their logo. http://www.redwingshoes.com

Why the logo on the Minnesota helmet?

The Minnesota NFL team is nicknamed the "Vikings". Think of the classic image of a Viking, with the classic horned helmet. The logo on the Vikings' helmets is supposed to look like those horns sticking out. Obviously, trying to do a 2-d drawing of the horns like that leaves a bit to be desired and one has to look at it with a little imagination.

What is the crown logo on the logo quiz?

The crown logo in the logo quiz is likely 'Corona' the Mexican beer.

Why is the smart logo the smart logo?

because its the smart logo

What instrument rhymes with 'logo'?

Oboe is a near-rhyme of 'logo'.

What is Logo Artist?

A logo artist is a person that designs a logo. It is just another name for logo designer.

What is the logo an alligator?

What is the logo of lv

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