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There is no mint mark on Irish Euro coins, they were all minted at the same place.

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Q: Mint mark on Irish Euro coins?
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What is a 1964 copper penny with no mint mark?

In 1964, the US mint was making coins primarily at two sites, Philadelphia and Denver. To distinguish the coins, the Denver coins had a D under the date. The Philadelphia coins had no mint mark.

Why does my coin not have a mint mark?

If your coin does not have a mint mark then it means it was minted at the Philadelphia mint. These coins are usually not as rare. However recently P mint marks were added to coins to indicate that they were made at the Philadelphia mint.

What is the p mint mark?

The mint mark P on American coins indicates that the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

Indian Head nickels with mint mark d value?

Like all coins, the value is based on the date, the condition, the mint mark and the demand for it. There is no one value that can be applied to all coins with a specific mint mark.

Where to locate mint mark on coins?

locate it on the top

Is no mint mark on a liberty dollar always Denver?

Not at all. Denver-mint coins always carry a D mint mark. You're thinking of coins made in Philadelphia, which generally did not have a P mint mark until 1980. The exceptions for Philadelphia coins are: > 1942-1945 "war nickels" have a P > 1979 $1 coins have a P > Cents made in Philadelphia don't have a mint mark, regardless of their date.

What does the mint mark S stand for?

The mint mark "S" on US coins means the coin was minted in San Francisco, California. For more information concerning mint marks visit the site at the related link, below. Coins produced at the Denver mint have a "D" and those at the Philadelphia mint have either no mint mark (for pennies and coins before 1980) or a "P" for all other denominations. Coins produced at the mint at West Point, NY (largely bullion coins, although some 1996 dimes were produced there) have a "W" mint mark.

What does it mean if there is no mint mark on your silver dollar?

US Coins with no mint mark were minted at the US Mint's main facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Does an O mint mark mean that the coin was struck before the P mint?

Not strictly, because that's really 2 different questions in one. The New Orleans Mint used an O mint mark from 1838 to 1861 and 1879 to 1909, and the first coins to carry a P mint mark were "war nickels" minted from 1942 to 1945, so the O mint mark definitely precedes the P mint mark. Because the Philadelphia Mint had been striking coins without using a P mint mark beginning in 1793, coins from that city can easily predate coins from New Orleans.

What is a mint mark on wheat pennies?

The Mint Mark on a US coin is the letter that indicates which mint struck the coin. You'll find the mint mark just under the date:Philadelphia (no mint mark)Denver (D)San Francisco (S)Mint mark are present on many coins, not just wheat cents. In fact, since 1980, all US coins except cents made in Philadelphia carry mint marks. "P" designates other coins made in that city, and "W" is used on special collectors' coins made at West Point.

What is a KN mint mark?

KN is the mint mark on coins made by the King's Norton Metal Company under contract from the British Royal Mint.

What is the facility letter on coines?

I'm assuming you mean the mint-mark? The mint-mark shows which branch of the US mint created the coins, if there is a P mark (or no mintmark on some coins) the coin was minted in Philadelphia, a D mark signifies Denver, an S mark shows the coin was from San Fransisco and a W mark is from the West Point Mint.

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