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If your blood test was negative I am afraid you are not pregnant. There is some other reason for your missed period.

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Q: Missed period for 8 weeks blood test negative why?
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Can you get negative blood test negative home pregnancy tests without period and still be pregnant?

It's possible. Depends on whether or not you took the tests too soon. You should wait a couple of weeks past your missed period before testing.

You missed your period 3 weeks ago could you be pregnant even if you had a negative test 2 weeks ago?

Maybe its cause your period is changing cycles. it might come later like it usually does

If I missed my period by two days and pregnancy test says negative can I still be pregnant?

its possible, wait a couple weeks and take another

In how many weeks will i know if im pregnant?

you will have a missed period.

You missed your period December and January this is February no period yet but today when you urinated you wiped and it was light pink blood could you be pregnant also hpt was negative two weeks ago?

It is possible you are pregnant though I would have expected an HPT to be positive. I suggest you go to the doctor.

You took a blood test and it was negative you took the test about 1 week 3 days before your period you have a lot of the early pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

Wait a little longer atleast until like 2 weeks or so after your missed period and take another test then

How many weeks after your missed period until your due date?

40 weeks or nine months.

Can i be pregnant as I have missed a period but had a negative result?

Unlikely, but it might have just been too early to take a test. If your period still hasn't arrived in 2 weeks, take another one

Can you get a negative result from a blood test for pregnancy if its too soon to detect Or is blood 100?

i had artificial insimination two weeks i did a blood test and its negative should i re test again my blood on my third week i have no period at all

How do you calculate when she was impregnated?

well, think of when she missed her first period....then count back 2 weeks and there you go. this is the case since ovulation typically occurs 12-16 days after your last cycle. and then about 2 weeks after that you have your period. so just take when you missed your period and count two weeks before whatever the first day your missed period could have started....

Can you miss a period by 2 weeks with strong pregnancy symptoms then get a short but red period and still be pregnant if your not stressed sick or on anything and a negative hpt 1 week after missed?

red blood I've got told that means a miscarriage is on it way if it were spotting no flow then that's a pregnancy sign

You think you are pregnant even though you have missed your period and taken a pregnancy test which turned out to be negative you still think you are two weeks ago you were constantly feeling tired?

If you haven't gotten your period in a week retake the test or go see your doctor. They can draw blood to check to see if you are pregnant.

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