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i would be very suspicious of TPS sensor. it contals ecm signal for throttle position.

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Witch is heavier a liter of oil or a liter of water?

i have know idea

What is the song from the Mitsubishi eco challenge commercial?

get a friend with and iphone and that shazam app, until then I have no idea.

Does the dodo travel itself?

I have no idea why are ou aking me

How many liters are there in one liter?

It might be a good idea to reread your question. As you wrote it, there is 1 liter in 1 liter. However, you may mean: how many milliliters are in 1 liter and that answer would be 1000 ml in 1 literActually 1.The answer is 1 because this question is like how many ones in many mililiters in liter?

You have changed the alternator on your 1994 Mitsubishi galant where does the yellow wire connect?

I have a 1994 mitsubishi mirage and a yellow wire has broken off the alternator i have no idea where it goes. I need help my car will no longer go.

What Animal attach's itself to rocks at the shore?

i honestly have no idea

In Romeo and Juliet what relation does conflict have to the idea of love itself?

it is because

The idea that government must conduct itself in accordance with the principles of the?


Does Copyright protect underlying facts or concepts but not the expression of an idea?

No. In fact copyright protection is exactly the opposite. Copyright applies to the expression of an idea but does not extend to the idea itself.

What is The idea that the government must conduct itself according with the principles of the constitution?


What is the idea that government must conduct itself in accordance with the principles of the Constitution?


What is main idea of One Hundred Years of Solitude?

History repeats itself

The idea that government must conduct itself in accordance with the principals of the constitution?


What was the enlightenment idea that a nation had a duty to perserve itself was a belief held by who?


What is an abstract noun for the word idea?

The noun idea is an abstract noun itself; other examples are thought, concept, or hypothesis.

0.5 milliliter equal to how many liters?

Conversions within the metric system are very easy to grasp and do, since just about everything is based on powers of ten. One milliliter (ml) is equal to one thousandth of a liter, which is expressed as the decimal 0.001 liter. Half a milliliter -- that is, 0.5 ml -- is therefore 0.0005 liter. Some additional examples to help you grasp the idea: 5 ml = 0.005 liter10 ml = 0.010 liter 150 ml = 0.150 liter 4.3 ml = 0.0043 liter 0.43 ml = 0.00043 liter 0.043 ml = 0.000043 liter

Why is it a bad idea to make an electromagnetic crane out of a magnetically hard material?

it will stick to itself!

What two numbers multiply to make 640?

i have no idea what it is but i think its something you multiply by itself and you will get the answer.

How would you clean a clogged heater core on a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant?

It's a much better idea to replace it. You can try the radiator flush, but no guarantee.

Conversion 6.2 liter to cubic inches?

I know a 5.0 is just smaller then a 289ciHope this gives an idea

What term describes the idea that the US should not concern itself with events in other countries?


Which best tells what a symbol does?

A.It stands for something other than itself, such as an idea or feeling.

What times itself equals 208?

The idea is to take a calculator and calculate the square root of 208.

Who was the first person to suggest that the earth itself acts like a magnet?

In 1600 an English physician named William Gilbert proposed the idea that the Earth itself is a magnet.

What is the main idea and suppporting details in a book?

This question seems to answer itself if you look up what the words mean. "Main idea" means the most important idea, and "supporting" means ideas and details that back up the main idea and give supporting evidence for it.

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