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Mitsubishi Montero 1997 not sending spark out of one ignition coil?


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2007-12-29 22:03:34
2007-12-29 22:03:34

Suspect a bad coil or failed engine computer.


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the firing order is 123456 1,3,5 on left side of engine from the front of the vehicle 2,4,6 on the right side of the vehicle googel (what is the firing order for a Mitsubishi montero)

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There are two MAP Sensors on the Mitsubishi Montero Limited. They are both located on the left side of the engine about six inches apart. Look for a plug with a wire attached that resembles a spark plug wire boot.

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.44 Check your owner's manual, (0.028 − 0.031 inch) for a 2003 3.8L.

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Disconnect the battery cables, remove the spark plug cables and covers, and remove the old spark plugs. Next, put in the new spark plugs, attach the covers and spark plug cables and reconnect the battery cables.

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