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Pole Vault

100 Meter Dash



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When did the modern Olympics start When did the modern Olympics start

The Modern Olympics began in 1896 and have lasted to present day.

the first modern day Olympics were held in Greece in 1896

The year of the first modern day Olympics was 1896. The event was held in Athens, Greece.

The ancient Olympics influence the modern day Olympics because they are still in our lives. We wouldn't have all the sports we have today if it wasn't for the ancient times.

The first modern day Olympics were held in Greece in 1896.

For a good will competition between countries

The countries that compete in modern day Olympics are U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Jamaica, Venezuela, Trinidad, Barbados, St. Kitts & The Grenadines, etc

The Olympic Games that have been played since 1896 are called the 'modern Olympics'. The Olympics started in 776 BC in Greece. If you hear the term 'Ancient Olympics', that means the Olympics that were played long, long ago.

we did not compete naked but they did and we did not have to stop wars to be in them and women were not aloud to be in the greek Olympics or even see them

The modern day Olympics are in fact held in continents which are MED's or More Economically Developed. This means that they can afford to hold the Olympic games. They have lots of money and can afford to pay wage's.

The Olympics were started again in 1896 by a French man named Pierre de Coubertin.

to honor and worship the greek god Zeus

Pierre de Coubertin is responsible for reviving the Modern Day Olympic Games.

Two adjectives put together, that have one meaning and is usually hyphenated(-)Example:Modern day Olympics originates from Athens, Greece.Changes to:Modern-day Olympics originates from Athens, Greece.

Gold medals were not awarded in the first Olympics of the modern era. The first gold medal was given at the 1904 Olympics; the country to win the first one was the United States.

The ancient Greeks did - and the site of the games was in Olympia, Greece. The modern Olympics were started in the 1890s by a French nobleman, and have continued to this day.

It was in 1896 when James Connolly of America became the very first champion of modern Olympics. He participated and won in the triple jump event during the opening day.

In terms of the modern-day Olympics, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) was started in 1894, and the first Olympics games under the IOC was in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

The difference between modern and ancient olympics is the technology that was used. Ancient olympics used olden day technology or none at all. No high quality equipment was available and each athlete did not have spikes, skins, leotards, and fancy goggles. In contrast, modern day olympians have all this which effects their performance in the pool, track, field or stadium. Also, modern olympics have cameras and technology that enables the whole world to watch and cheer their country on. Hope this helps xo

The Olympics, mathematical strategies, philosophy, architecture, and much more!

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