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Mom was ordered by courts to pay child support until child is 18 he is 18 but not finished High School Is the mother in contempt?


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No, grade has nothing to do with how long she has to pay child support

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No. The support YOU have been ordered to pay is dependent upon YOU and YOUR situation. It is court ordered of YOU, not your child.

I am not a lawyer, however, once the student graduates and is no longer a full-time student, the child support stops, unless there are extenuation circumstances ordered by the court.

You can be ordered to get a full time job. see links

This is my thought son the question. I believe that the court ordered visitation should be an excused absence from school seeing that if the custodial parent does not OBEY the court order it is then considered Contempt of Court, so....Yes if it is court ordered a child should be excused from school for a visitation.

you can move out but you would have to support yourself, which you have already finished high school and im very sure you would do fine Good paying jobs are in your hands IF you have your high school diploma.

That would depend on what was ordered in the custody ruling. If the judge ordered ample amount of child support to cover the expenses of raising a child and private school, then the father may not have been ordered to pay any towards private school. Also, a judge may feel private school is not necessary and rule that the mohter pay the tuition, depending on why she put the child in private shool. It really all depends on several factors, such as the circumstances, amount of child support being paid, as well as the judge and how he or she rules on this.

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Child support is paid as long as the child is a minor, get emancipated or when the child support agreement says so.

Unless the judge ordered differently, child support in Louisiana is to be paid until the child reaches the age of 18, or sometimes older if still in school.

Not if those other items are court ordered. If they aren't, why are you paying for them? see link

It really depends on how the court has structured the support. In the event of a divorce or other court ordered settlement for child support, the non-custodial may have to pay 50% of everything, or just the monthly support. If this is state ordered support (i.e. in the case of paternity issues, where there was no real relationship), the non-custodial parent usually only has to pay monthly support. I would suggest looking into the support documents to determine what needs to be paid.

That would depend on what the terms of the child support order were, so you need to read the papers you received at the time the child support was ordered. But usually, once a child reaches the age of 18 and is not in school, then you are no longer required to pay child support. But before you stop paying, make sure there was nothing in the original order that stated you have to pay past the age of 18, even if the child is not in school. Otherwise you could end up in arrears, owing quite a large sum if you were, in fact, ordered to pay longer.

If you live in the US... The child never receives child support. Child support is due to the custodial parent. In most states it ends at 18 or graduation from high school, whichever occurs later. However, in some states, it can ordered beyond high school if the child is in college.

They have all finished school.

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In the state of Georgia court ordered child support continues until the child turns 18 years old. There is the exception if the child is still in high school than the order will continue until they finish high school or turn 20 years old.

It depends on where you are. In the majority of states in the US (maybe even in all of them), child support continues past 18 if the child is still in high school. In some states, child support can be ordered to continue during college.

Usually an order lasts until a child is 18 years of age. However, you may be ordered to pay child support until the child finishes school or turns 21, whichever happens first.

Unless you are under some type of court order to attend school, you can't be found in contempt of court for not doing so. As far as being able to back up any absences - the school does have the right to require you to produce a doctors certification.

The duty to pay child support stops at age 18 except when the child has not yet finished high school, and in that case it will continue until the child completes high school, but not past age the child's 20 th birthday.

“Can i apply even if i already finished school to pay of what i owe?”

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