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I found a recommendation from another blog site about this problem. You don't need to be an expert to fix this problem for free. Simply follow the bellow steps to reset the grounding and the comptuer.

1. Remove the negative cable on the battery

2. Remove the PCM fuse (found in the top fuse box under the hood on the passenger

side) and replace with the same fuse after a few minutes.

3. Removed the ground wire (found under the hood on the driver's side above the headlight bolted to the cross bar that covers the radiator) and sand any paint off of the body of the car at the contact point and also sand bolt and connections.

4. Reconnect the ground.

5. Reconnect the battery. That's it. I had the same problem a while back and this worked for me.

2008-04-03 00:31:19
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Monte Carlo temperature gauge?

what about it?

Is your temp gauge connected to air conditioning on your 2001 Monte Carlo?


Why does the fuel gauge on a 2002 Monte Carlo keep bouncing around?

I have a 1996 Monte Carlo Z34, and I've noticed that the fuel gauge reading will bounce around whenever the car is tipped up or down as the fuel sloshes around in the gas tank.

Gas gauge for your 2002 Monte Carlo Super Sport is broke how do you fix it?

i dont speak car!

What causes Gas gauge on a 1997 Monte Carlo to always read empty?

no power at the sending unit.

Does the temperature gauge on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo supposed to fluctate?

Yes it can depending on driving conditions.

How to replace the gauge fuse for a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo speedometer?

If the speedo in an 04 Monte Carlo doesnot work it is the stepper motor in the cluster. Go to eBay 04 Monte Carlo cluster stepper motors scroll down and by a set of motors .INSTRUTIONS COME WITH THEM TO REPLACE THEM vERY SIMPLE TO DO SO.

What is the value of a 1962 Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge model 870TC with a Monte Carlo stock?

The value of a 1962 Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge model 870TC with a Monte Carlo stock depends on its condition. This gun in excellent in condition is valued between 250.00 and 325.00 as of 2014.

How to Recharge air conditioning on Monte Carlo?

connect a Freon gauge and Freon tank to the low side ac port. After starting the engine and putting ac on high, open the Freon valve. Watch the gauge until the Freon is full.

Speedometer and rpm gauge stuck on my 2005 Monte Carlo ls?

I don't know if it is or not, why are you asking the internet. Check it yourself.

Where is 2005 Monte Carlo temp gauge sending unit?

its on the drivers side of the motor at the front of the motor above the transmission.

What is causing the fuel gauge on a 2002 Monte Carlo to keep bouncing around?

chec the plug in on your sending unit on your gas tank

Who manufactured hege waffen 12 gauge Monte Carlo side by side shotgun?

It was made by CZ, or BRNO in the Czech republick.

Fuel gauge always full on 200 Monte Carlo?

The fuel sensor is bad and it's inside the gas tank, you have to pull the tank down to fix it.

How do you fix gas gauge stays on full in your 1997 Monte Carlo?

The fuel sensor is in the gas tank and probably needs replaced, the tank will have to come out to fix it.

1995 Chevy Monte Carlo z34 if the ac fan does not work would that affect the temperature gauge and cause heating problems?

only if running the air.

How do you fix a 87 Monte Carlo ls fuel gauge that shows empty all the time and is not?

take the gas tank down and replace the fuel sensor.

Why after replacing my fuel pump on my 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo would the fuel gauge not work?

The float is stuck down at the bottom of the tank or you could have a wiring problem.

1997 Monte Carlo it over heats as soon as you start it why is that?

It can't overheat the minute it starts as it hasn't even warmed up yet, better check your gauge.

What is the difference in 1981 and 1986 Monte Carlo instrument cluster?

Other than slightly revised gauge graphics and center HVAC/radio controls they're identical

What kind of gauge do you need in a 1985 Monte Carlo LS that regulates the oil sending unit?

get a oil pressure gauge from the auto store and install it under your dash or where ever you find a place to install it and read the directions on how to install it.

What is the origin of 12 gauge double barrel shot gun with the name Monte Carlo?

Trade name used by J.L. Galef and Son, Incorporated, New York City

What is the value of a 1962 Remington Wingmaster 870TC 12 gauge shotgun with a Monte Carlo stock?

Assuming it is all original and in very good or better shape, approx. $ 500.

How do you recharge the ac on a 98 Monte Carlo z34?

using a can of the proper type of Freon, connect a gauge and the Freon to the low side ac port. With the engine and ac running, open the valve and allow the Freon to flow until the gauge shows full. Read the directions on the can and be mindful of the can, as the out side of it gets cold enough for your hand to stick to it.

Where is the temperature sending unit on 86 Monte Carlo 305 HO?

Try looking on the side of the left head it should be a one wire sendor, ground that wire to the block if the temp gauge maxs out that means the temp gauge is good.