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The body louse has six legs and is about the same size as a sesame seed. The larva is called a nit, and its body shape is like that of the adult louse.

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Where does a louse live?

A louse is a type of parasite. It lives on many animals, and on various parts of the human body.

What does morphology mean by Gynecologist?

Morphology means structure of tissue (part of organ in human body).

Morphology of arthropodes?

Body and Head Lice are morphologically identical. Body lice are about 30% larger, Did they mutate into this species?(pediculus humanis corporis) from pediculus capitus ? This is one arthropod. Interesting that the body louse has adapted to 2 different types of human hair, round or oval depending on the human sub-type.

What is human body anatomy?

the human body anatomy is, the study of the morphology of the human body.

What is a morphology of a scab?

Morphology is the study of how something heals. It consists of the ways something heals and what the body needs to do so.

How can you use cootie in a sentence?

Cootie is a body louse in the human body. This is the sentence containing the word cootie.

What is the singular form of lice?

Louse is the singular fom of lice. louse

What is morphology a study of?

differences in the body forms if organism nova net

What is the description of a lice?

Lice are tiny, wingless insects from the orders Anoplura and Mallophaga that are parasitic only to warm-blooded animals. There are three kinds of lice that live specifically on humans. These include the head louse, body or clothes louse, and the "crab" or pubic louse.

Is a louse a parasite?

yes a louse is a parasite! :)

The study of body plans and structures among groups of organisms?

comparative morphology

Which of the following is used to classify a species based on the body form of organisms?


What is the medical term meaning study of shape?


How do you treat duck louse?

get louse powder from a vet

What group does the water louse?

The water louse is a crustacean.

Is louse in one direction leaving?

no and its LOUIS not louse

Which animal walks with its legs on the head?


What makes up Functional Morphology?

Constructional Morphology, Theoretical Morphology, Biomechanics.

What is a young louse called?

A young louse is called a nymph

What is the plural for louse?

The plural form of the noun louse is lice.

How many legs does a louse have?

A louse is an insect so it has six.

When was Salmon louse created?

Salmon louse was created in 1837.

What is the singular of louse?

Louse is already singular. The plural is lice.

How do people get louse-borne relapsing fever?

In LBRF, a louse must be crushed or smashed in order for Borrelia to be released. The bacteria then enter the human body through areas where the person may have scratched

What is the morphology of Neisseria?

the morphology of neisseria is diplococci

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