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Most MLB wins as a pitcher?


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Cy Young had 511 wins in his career from 1890-1909...including 1 perfect game and 3 no-hitters.

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Cy Young.511 wins 316 losses.who holds the record for most wins and most losses.

Cy Young, who pitched between 1890-1911, holds the MLB record for career wins by a pitcher with 511. He also holds the MLB record for career losses by a pitcher with 316.

Hoyt Wilhelm won 124 games while as a relief pitcher, the most for any MLB reliever.

Cy Young -

Roy Face, 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates. 18 total wins in relief in 1959 (MLB record) 17 of which were consecutive (MLB record). Right Handed pitcher, career spanned 1953-1969, almost entirely with Pittsburgh.

MOST WINS IN A MONTHAL - Rube Waddell - 10 (July 1902)NL - John Clarkson - 15 (June 1885)

In MLB through the 2008 season, that is Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants with 24 consecutive wins in the 1936 and 1937 seasons.

Cy Young, 316 losses. He also had the most wins all-time, 511.

Denny McLain, who won 16 straight road games in 1968.

Charley Radbourn holds the record for most wins by a pitcher in a single season with 59 in 1884. Jack Chesbro holds the record since 1901 with 41 in 1904.

In the entire history of MLB, that is the Giants.

Greg Maddux Pitcher with 355 wins

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series wins for a pitcher with 10.

The MLB pitcher with the most wins for one team is Hall of Famer Walter Johnson who won 417 games for the Washington Senators between 1907-1927.

The Yankees have the most with 27 wins.Pitcher to have the most wins: Whitney Ford.

Good question! The answer is Dennis Martinez, who won 245 games with a career high of just 16 wins in his best season.

Cy Young. 511 career wins

Nolan Ryan had 324 career wins in MLB.

The most wins by a team in a Major League regular season was by the 1906 Chicago Cubs and 2001 Seattle Mariners with 116. The Cubs did it in 155 games and the Mariners did it in 162 games. The most wins by a pitcher in a Major League regular season was 59 by Charley Radbourn in 1884. The most wins by a pitcher after the year 1920 was 31 by both Denny McClain (1968) and Lefty Grove (1931)

Through the end of the 2007 season, Roger Clemens is the active pitcher with the most wins with 354. Greg Maddux is second with 347 and Tom Glavine is third with 303.

Warren Spahn is the all time left hander wins leader with 363.

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