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Most Mechanical digestion occurs in the Mouth by the help of teeths. Stomach and alimentary canal follows the mouth.

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Where do much of the mechanical digestion take place in?

Mechanical digestion occurs in the foot

What type of digestion occurs in the stomach?

mechanical digestion

What is an example of mechanical digestion inside the mouth?

The chewing of food is the most obvious example of mechanical digestion that occurs inside the mouth. The other kind of digestion is called chemical digestion.

What type of digestion occurs when whewing food?

Mechanical digestion.

What organ is the site majority of the mechanical digestion of food?

Most of the digestion occurs (believe it or not) not in the stomach, but the smaller intestine.

What type of change (physicalchemical) that occurs in mechanical digestion?

By definition mechanical digestion is a physical part of digestion.

What occurs during chemical digestion in the mouth?

mechanical digestion your welcome

Does small instest ine do mechanical digestion occur?

Mechanical digestion occurs in the mouth. Not the small intestine.

Digestion occurs through both mechanical and chemical ways what is involved directly in mechanical digestion?


Does the mechanical digestion involves enzymes?

No, mechanical digestion occurs with mastication in the mouth and the churning of the stomach. Chemical digestion involves enzymes.

What type of digestion occurs in the anus?


Is the esophagus chemical digestion or mechanical digestion?

No chemical or mechanical digestion occurs in the esophagus, only propulsion, which is one of the six digestive processes.

What kind of digestion occurs in the stomach?

Mechanical and chemical

What muscular sac in the body where mechanical and chemical digestion occurs?

The stomach is a muscular sac that performs mechanical and chemical digestion.

Chewin and churning are what type of digestion?

The type of digestion you are referring to is called mechanical digestion. It occurs in the mouth and stomach.

How does food get broken down?

Food gets broken down by mechanical and chemical digestion. Mechanical digestion begins in the mouth and chemical digestion mostly occurs in the stomach.

Where are 2 places where mechanical digestion occurs?

In the stomach and the mouth

Does the small intestine have mechanical or chemical digestion?

The small intestine has chemical digestion.

Compare and contrast mechanical digestion and chemical digestion?

Mechanical Digestion (or physical digestion) is more about the mouth. It's chewing, biting, breaking down, and sofening the food. This is why its called "Mechanical" Digestion.Mechanical digestion involves the pulverizing and crushing of food particles, usually by chewing. Chemical digestion occurs through the secretion of digestive juices.

Where in humans does most chemical digestion occurs?

most chemical digestion occurs in the duodenum

Which type of digestion occurs in the mouth when an individual chews a piece of bread?

Both mechanical and chemical digestion

How does mechanical digestion in the small intestine occur?

It doesn't. Only chemical digestion occurs in the small intestine

What are the two anatomical regions where mechanical digestion occurs?

Stomach and mouth

What is the digestion occurs as the food is broken into smaller pieces?

Mechanical or Chemical.

Where is the site of mechanical digestion?

In humans most mechanical digestion takes place in the mouth through chewing.

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