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During calm, clear weatherwith light winds

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Q: Most boating accidents occur during which weather conditions?
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Under which conditions do most boating accidents occur?

during calm, clear weather with light winds

EP-36 Under which conditions do most boating accidents occur?


Under what conditions do most boating accidents occur?

Most of them happen on hot days during busy times of the day.

What percentage failed to wear a personal flotation device during boating or fishing accidents?

90 percent

What are the weather conditions during a hurricane?


Weather conditions at the time of an earthqauke?

Weather is unrelated to earthquakes. The weather can be anything during an earthquake.

What weather conditions are present during tsunamis?

Tsunamis are caused by seismic activity, and can occur during any weather.

What weather happens during a tsunami?

Tsunamis can happen under any weather conditions as they are not weather-related.

What were the weather conditions during Battle of Vicksburg?


What weather conditions can create low vision range for drivers?

There are several weather conditions that can create low vision range for drivers. These weather conditions include fog and heavy rain. During these conditions drivers should be very cautious.

When are weather conditions most critical to aviators?

during takeoff and landing

Does a posted speed limit of 55 mph mean that you may drive 55 mph on that highway under all conditions?

Only under normal traffic conditions. During periods of heavy traffic, inclement weather, low visibility, or other poor driving conditions, speed must be adjusted so that accidents will be avoided.

What weather conditions is a tornado most lkely to form in?

During severe thunderstorms.

What is the weather like at the Panama Canal during November and December?

What is the weather like in the Panama Canal during November and December? Can someone tell me what the weather conditions are in the month of December for the area of the Panama Canal?

What are the the conditions the soldiers had to endure during the winter months?

cold weather and not enough supplies

How do you describe weather conditions during which hailstones form and the process by which they form?

The hailstones are mas

What weather conditions can be expected in eastern Australia during the El Nino phenomeno?


During what types of weather should a flag not be flown why?

When during a server thunderstorm or tornado a flag should not be flying because the weather conditions could rip or tear the flag.

What sort of weather conditions might exist during La Niรฑa?

warm winters in the Southeast

What weather do most boating accidents occur?

Most boating accidents happen during nice weather quite on the contrary to what most people believe. The reason for this is that when it is nice weather, more people go out on the sea. People want to go water skiing and speeding always carry a high riskfactor. Some people out swimming also get hit by boats. Divers are at high risk as a lot of them do not use diver-flag and most of people out speeding just does not know what a diver flag is, so they drive over to it, kiling the diver in the action. (Could explain why so many divers do not use it.) There are accidents due to windy weather as well, but not that many as most people are safe ashore when the wind begin to get troublesome. Thunderstorms and lightning... Not likely that you would want to be out at sea in this weather. The chances are that the lightning would not hit you anyway, but it would be one hell of an experience in a small boat. (I have experienced this.. thought it was fun at the time, but my mate was scared stiff.)

What weather conditions should a visitor expect during the winter season in the desert?

That would depend upon which desert as each has its own weather stats.

What is the climatic conditions of a tundra?

it means the different type of weather its gonna have during the seasons...

Are Sailboats are stable during storms and high winds.?

They are built to be as stable as possible in all weather conditions.

How many more accidents are there during a weather alert?

People are too much in a hurray to get home or other places not paying attention to the road or others

What was the weather conditions in the battle of the Vincennes?

While there is very little information about the weather conditions in the Battle of Vincennes, it is known that this attack occurred during the winter. The soldiers had to travel through the water and were extremely cold. Many of them died from hypothermia and illnesses that they contracted during this three day battle.

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