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Jaguars and mountain lions are known to attack people.


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The Amazon rainforest is the most dangerous jungle when taking into consideration the predators that live there. This jungle is in Brazil. Peru, and Ecuador.

Animals have adapted to be able to survive in the Amazon rainforest in a variety of ways. One of the most common adaptations is to move up into the trees, making their homes in the rainforest canopy instead of on the ground.

I think that there is no most dangerous animal of the amazon. Lots of animals from the amazon will be able to defend themselves and also be able to attack it's prey.

If you are asking if the Amazon rainforest is endangered, then I guess so. It is being destoyed, and only a small amount is replanted, and most of the animals are becoming endangered.

The sloth is the most popular animal in the amazon rainforest.

monkeys live in the canopy layer of the rainforest ,where there is thick vegetation and it receives the most sunlight. This enables them to live in the Amazon rainforest.

the animals are most affected, they are driven out of their habitat and forced to start over.

There are many different kinds of species in the Amazon Rainforest. But most of those species are endangered because people are cutting down the trees in the rainforest for paper. And some animals homes are the trees and if they cut them down the animals will have no place to live and they will die.

Yes. Most tropical animals in the Rain Forest are endangered. Like the Toucan.

Without the Amazon Rainforest, we will not able to have medicine. 25% of our medicine comes from the rainforest. Then we will not able to look at animals from other countries or continent's. Then the animals will become extinct, they will die, and never come back. Then most of our food comes from rainforests, we will not have fruits and vegetables to eat.

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest and in my opinion the most important it is in Brazil

YES, the Amazon rainforest is a tropical rainforest. If you had been bothered to research it would probably have said that in most websites and books!

No, information on the Amazon rainforest discloses the animal species that eat on vines. Most vines are thicker that a human body and strong enough to uproot a tree when it falls.

the Anaconda is the most dangerous Myess myess

Jaguars are most common in the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil has most of the south America (Amazon) rainforest.

Yes. The most famous (and biggest in the world) is the Amazon rainforest.

yes it is it is also the longest river in the rainforest

What is the most popular animal? What is the most dangerous animal? WHAT ANIMALS LIVE IN THE RAIN FOREST? I hope that these are ok and help you for whatever you want them for

Because most of the Amazon Rainforest is within its borders, and the Amazon Rainforest prduces most of the oxygen we use to breathe.

what is the temperature in january in the amazon rainforest

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