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Most expensive house?


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I think the most expensive house is the rosethorn hall house which is in skingrad it costs 25,00 and to get it you have to talk to someone in castle skingrad

FAH/AC systems are pretty expensive...

The most expensive houses in the world are spread throughout different countries / continents. There is no country / location that contains all of the most expensive houses. The world most expensive house is located in India and the second most expensive is located in France.

The most expensive house publicly listed for sale in Los Angeles was the Fleur de Lys estate. It had a selling price of $125 million, and is located in Beverly Hills.

you don't buy houses, but you buy rooms for your dogs/dog and the most expensive room is £/$100,000and the room is the space room

There are lots of Celebrity that have most expensive houses but here are some Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus lots hope this helps

Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey which is on the market for £75,000,000

They don't ! Even the most expensive PC on the market is only a fraction of the cost of a house !

The most expensive home is called the Antilla. This house costed 1 billion dollars to build and the owner of the house is Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai, India. Mukesh Ambani made a living off of petro-chemicals in India

The world's most expensive doll's house is more expensive than the average home in the UK. It is a replica of a private palace in London, Spencer House, and was created by specialists in Bath for an American collector. It is worth more than £200,000, including over £3,000 of carpets and £1,000 of lighting and measures 7ft by 5ft.

the kitchen. . .it has cabinets, appliances that run into a lot of money

It was more expensive than most peoples houses!

The cheapest house, Breezehome in Whiterun is 5000 septims. The most expensive is proudshire manor in Solitude at 25000 septims.

The biggest house in the world is located in Mumbai India. The world's largest and most expensive house is the Antilia house which has 27 stories and 568 feet high.

Electric costs about 50% more than natural gas.

well most leathers are very expensive but i think the cat leather is the most expensive and this is for reals i have a cat leather jacket its really nice it cost 1000.000$ that's expenve for me cause i live in a box by a house in shibob nortttjdf jk this is all a joke

Our house food is the most expensive in the Philippines. I will not give a menu but just to give you an idea, a cup of coffee costs US$5,000.00 and that is on an off-peak day. Just an FYI. :)

Show cattle are the most expensive . but in terms of Market Colby Beef are the most expensive.

In America the most expensive is $22.9 million In England the most expensive is £5,578

The final cost of the new Parliament House in Canberra was over $1,000 million, making Parliament House the most expensive building in Australian history.

Many would say the house in Anvil, since it costs only 5,000, so that is the best value for money, but the best house and most expensive is the house in skingrad, rosethorn hall.

Its the house of worlds fourth richest man "Mukesh ambani"The Antilia building,south mumbai,india, Cost:$ 2billion

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