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The most commonly broken bone in the human body is the clavicle, or the collar bone.

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The most frequently broken bone in the human body is the collar bone.

The most frequently broken bone in the human body is the clavicle.

Clavicles are the most common broken bone in the human body.

The arm is.The collar bone is mostly broken

It depends on the bone. The clavicle is the most frequently broken bone in the human body because it is relatively weak and in a precarious position.

The bone most often broken in the human body is the clavicle. This is shaped bone (collar bone) connects the scapula (shoulder bone)to the sternum (breast plate).

the ulna. the ulna is the bone that runs from your wrist to your elbow on the thumb side

If one is talking about a single bone, statistically speaking the most commonly broken bone in the body is the clavicle, commonly referred to as the collar bone.The most common fractures in people under 75 are wrist fractures, but the wrist is not made up of a single bone, but of 8 carpal bones. After age 75, hip fractures become the most common, but this makes up only a small percentage of the population.See the related weblink below for verification, and the reasons why this is the most commonly broken bone for both children and adults.

A broken bone in the human body will affect the skeletal system.

There are several reasons why it is so easily broken. First of all, it is the last bone in the body to fully form. Secondly it is the only bone that attaches a very movable joint (shoulder) to a more stable axial attachment to the sternum. So it is vulnerable to major impact as a result of its precarious position attaching the arm to the axial skeleton. In other words, it is the weakest bone of the arm complex, and at the same time most vulnerable to injury. It has the reputation of being the most frequently broken bone in the body.

The arm is broken the most

With regards to movement and support to the body, a broken bone will reduce the ability of the bone to support the weight of the body. A bone acts as a frame for the muscle to pull against and thus enable movement. The muscle is unable to pull against a broken bone and therefore movement is reduced or not possible at all.

All the bones in your body are capable of breaking. That answer is incorrect technically the only bone that cannot break in your body is the: Funny Bone

The collar bone I believe.

Your body notices that the bone is broken and sends down white blood cells that analyze it then mends the bone. Casts make this easier because the bone is pushed together by it.

Fifth metacarpal, boxers fracture it's called , in the foot it's fifth metatarsal and called dancers fracture.

Its the collarbone, im afraid i dont know why. if anyone does know, im looking this up for hwk, so would be helpful!

The most important bone in the human body is the Skull.

Yes, it may be partially or completely separated.

The most dangerous bone to break is the skull.

There are many ways to find out that a bone is broken (e.g. the limb bends where it should not, pieces of bone sticking out of the limb, surgical inspection) but the most commonly used way now to determine where and how badly a bone is broken (especially when it is not as obvious as listed above) is by using an x-ray machine to take photographs of the bone inside the body.

When a bone in the body is broken the area surrounding the bone will swell. Swelling is the body's response to injury.

food is sent through your body through the digestive system, there is no difference if you have a broken bone or not