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Most of the money the United States needed to fight World War I came from?

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most of the money the united states needed to fight World War 1 came from

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What was the initial reason that the states united?

These states united because they needed to fight for freedom.

Why was Napoleon anxious to sell territory to the United States?

He needed to fight wars in Europe.

Did the united states fight in World War 2?


Where did United states fight first in World War 2?

In Europe

Who did the united States fight with during world war 2?

The Allies

Which nation's actions caused the United States to fight world war 1?


What did the United States army do for the first time in World War 1?

Fight in Europe?

Did the Japanese Americans fight for the United States during World War 2?


Which nations actions caused the United states to fight in World War 1?


What did the draft show about the United States?

That the United States could raise and train an army quickly That the standing army was not large enough to fight a world war

who john quincy adams influenced the united states role in the world by?

claiming the country would only fight in self defense

Plans and goals for the future for the United States after world war 2?

Fight the cold war.

Did Lincoln fight on the union of the confederacy?

Union was the united states. He was the president of the united states.

Who did the us fight in world war2?

The United States declared war on the Japanese, followed by Germany and Italy.

Where did the us fight at in world war 1?

The United States' troops fought on the Western Front in France.

How can you get your gamefowl to fight?

its illegal to fight any animals in the united states

Who did the United States fight in 1812?

The War of 1812 was between the United States and Great Britain.

What did United States veterans fight for?


What country did the veterans fight?

united states

Why did the us Congress tax whiskey?

The United States needed to raise money to pay back the money it borrowed to fight the American Revolution.

Why did the US decide to support France in its fight against the Viet Minh?

When France asked the united states for aid to help them fight the Viet Minh, the united states agreed. In addition to wanting to stop communism, U.S. leaders needed French support in opposing the Soviets in Europe.

How did the people of Puerto Rico react when the United states invaded?

They joined the United States to fight the Spanish.

What are soldiers fighting for?

they want to fight in world war two because they want to help the state and the united states

Did japan fight against America in World War 1?

No, the Japanese and the United States have only fought during the Second World War.

What was the program whereby the us provided Britain with supplies needed to fight in the war?

"Lend-Lease" : An Act to Further Promote the Defense of the United States .