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The most points in a collage Basketball game is 3 points....!

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the most points scored in one basketball game was Division 2 team Lincoln beating Ohio State Marion 201-78

115 Points - Bruce Vernon - Broward Community College

The most points ever scored by one team in college basketball was 258 scored by Troy University, who stomped Devry 258-141 on January 12, 1992.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA basketball game.

The objective in basketball is to score points for your team to win. The team that has the most points wins the game.

Its Lebron James. ^^^^^^^^^^^ He did not play in college.

Wilt Chamberlain had 100 points in a game.

There have been six occurrences of a college basketball player scoring at least 100 points in a game. These were Paul Arizin (100-Villanova), Bevo Francis (116 and 113-Rio Grande College), Frank Selvy (100-Furman) and Jack Taylor (138 and 109-Grinnell College).

Wilt Chamberlion with 100 points in 1 game

Bevo Francis holds the record for most points scored in an NCAA basketball game with 113, set in 1954.

jerry west had 62 in a wvu basketball game

Jodie Meeks; 54 point Jan 13,2009 KY 90 points and TN 72 points

Cindy Brown of Long Beach State scored 60 points in one game against San Jose State in 1987.

Clarence 'Bevo' Francis of Rio Grande (NAIA/Division Two) scored 113 points against Hillsdale College on 02/02/54.

Jeff Clement of Grinnell College (div 3) made 19 three-pointers in one game and scored 77 points.

Jack Taylor of Grinell college scored 138 points.

About 19 points in the YMCA. In college maybe 50-70 points. And the NBA (National Basketball Association) is about 97 points The above answer is only half correct. In fact, Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player only averages 24.6-30.0 ppg (points per game)

Harry Ratnam of Fresno scored 29 points in the 3rs quarter of a basketball game!

The highest number of points scored by an NBA basketball player in an NBA game is 100 points by Wilt Chaimberlain. The second most scored points in the NBA is by Kobe Bryant, at 81 points in a game. The third most scored points in a game, is again by Wilt at 79 points.

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