Mother is Irish father is hispanic what ethnicity would the child be?


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If you were born in America you would be an Irish hispanic American citizen.

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His mother is Irish-American and his father is African-American.

Jojo was born to an Irish mother and a German father. She is white.

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Mitch's Mother was Irish and Cherokee, and his father was Italian and Welsh.

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Martin Sheen , who's real name is Francisco Estevez is Half Hispanic, as his father Francisco Estevez was born in Spain. His mother was of Irish decent

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raquel welch was raised Catholic...Hispanic father, Irish mother. She went to a Catholic High school in San Diego, CA.

George Clooney's father is of half Irish, a quarter German and a quarter Anglo-American ancestry; his mother is of Anglo-American ancestry.

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Harbaugh is the americanized form of the German name Harbach. ex. Jim Haurbaugh, mother Polish and Sicilian, father Irish and German.

Ethnicity is your background (White,Black,Hispanic) or your family tree (English,Irish,Spanish) For example my ethnicity is white,german,english,american,irish,polish,hungrayish,and much more I have family members from almost any where in the world that is ethnicty

Selena Gomez is Mexican demi lovato is hispanic,Irish, and Italian that's all the info it says on her ethnicity she is hispanic they both are but theyre both from Texas

He is an ehtnic mix of British, Sri Lankan (mother), Portuguese and Irish.

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