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What are bands similar to owl city?

REPRESENT! Breathe Carolina Breathe Electric The Ready Set Nickasaur! Jon Daniels The Secret Handshake Show Me The Skyline NeverShoutNever! There are a bunch of good bands that are close to Owl City! On My-Space there is a band called "Swimming with Dolphins" that is super totall ( Full Answer )

What is the city of god?

The City of God is Heaven. Heaven is also referred to as the new Jerusalem..

How are the greek gods similar the planets?

Later when the religion went to Rome they called the gods differently. For example Hades god of the under world was called Pluto ,and Poseidon was called Neptune

What are the similarities between Greek and Roman gods?

Both Greek and Roman gods are the same in essence, but have different aspects. Roman gods were taken from Greek gods, but tend to be more warlike and disciplined. Just like the Greek and Roman cultures, the Roman gods were more warlike, disclipined and honorable. The Greek gods on the other hand, ( Full Answer )

What god or goddess is similar to Artemis?

Among the Greeks, Selene was similar, so too was Hecate, for these three were confused together into a triad; Artemis was also identified with Despoine - so much so that in some accounts Artemis is the daughter of Demeter. she was also identified with the Crete goddess Britomartis or Diktynna, a hun ( Full Answer )

What is the similarity between Jesus and God?

they are the same. ---- Another answer: Depends who you ask. Some Christian denominations will say they the same. And Some Christians will say that they different. Islam says that they are not, not even on Par. Jewish don't even put Jesus in the equation. According to the Bible Jesu ( Full Answer )

What Eygptian god is similar to Artemis?

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and the moon, so it could be Neith, the goddess of war, hunting , and domestic crafts or it could be Khonsu, the god of the moon .

What is similar to the cell vacuole in a city?

you could do a sport DOME (round, contains somthing - us, and the thing it comtains flows in and out) or you could try a skyscraper - the same things apply

What represented the city of god on earth in the city of god?

Most likely, the Church represents the City of God. But more generally, people who love God according to the highest type of love are the people of the City of God. You might say that according to St. Augustine, Christians represent the City of God on earth.

How are gods similar to humans?

Gods and Humans are similar in mostly appearances. Many of them look humans with the same features, although they may be most beautiful and handsome etc. Gods also share human emotions etc to some degree. They can feel hurt, anger, pleasure and joy. Gods can have children and siblings, though some ( Full Answer )

What god or goddess is similar to Athena?

Artemis. Some say Aries since they are both war gods, but Artemis was a maiden like Athena and a warrior as shown by her slaying the Python when she was only a child. the only thing that Aries and Athena share in common is that they were war gods. Athena is brave and courages, whereas Aries is portr ( Full Answer )

Is there an English version of the movie City of God?

No, there is not. However, this Spanish film does come in a versiondubbed with English subtitles. "City of God" is an Oscar-nominatedcrime drama about two boys growing up in Rio de Janiero, Brazil,and the different paths they take in their lives.

Do gods similar to Zeus exist?

There is no proof that Zeus exist. I do agree with the first answer that there is no proof that he exists but in Roman times Zeus was Jupiter. (he was not named after the planet, the planet was named after him.)

What Egyptian god is similar to Dionysus?

Hathor, goddess of the sky, the sun, the queen, music, dance and the arts. She who is usually a benevolent goddess, once became the 'Eye of Re', when Re decided to punish mortals for plotting against him. She was successful and was named Sakhmet, too successful, for she seemed to enjoy the bloodshed ( Full Answer )

What movies are similar to the movie Grease?

There was a sequel, "Grease 2," that was released in 1982. It starred Maxwell Caulfield and a young Michelle Pfeiffer, but it was not as successful as the original 1978 musical. Of recent vintage are "Hairspray" (2007), "Mamma Mia!" (2008) and "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" (2008), all of whic ( Full Answer )

What god is similar to Zeus in another culture?

Jupiter is the Roman version of Zeus while Osiris or Ra are the Egyptian equivalents. The Hindu equivalent would be Indra while the Etruscan is Tinia. For the Hopi it is Tawa, Allah in Islam, God in Christianity, Johovah in Judaism. Other than Jupiter and Zeus which are really the same god by anothe ( Full Answer )

What god or goddess is similar to Demeter?

in greek mythology Demeter was the Goddess of the harvest. her daughter Persephone was the Goddess of spring time and the closest in types of power. though her mother was more powerful.

What is a similar god that is similar to Ares?

Ares is a Greek god of war. Similarly, the Greek goddess Athena isalso a war god. She is also known for her wisdom. The two gods bothhad a hand in the famed Peloponnesian war Homer writes about in hisepic.

What are the similarities between farm and city?

there are many similarities between farm and cities, the farms we can found a carabaos unlike in the city we cant. -in the city we could see a lots of buildings -in farm we could see their houses,it is made up of bamboos and nipa[nipa house]..etc.

What Greek god or goddess is similar to Theia?

Theia is Titan, a Greek Goddess who was born of the union of Gaea (Earth) and Ouranus (Sky). Her sisters shared her powers of prophesy, as well as her children Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn) by her mate Hyperion, another god of light. Aether (Air) is the father of Gaea with his mat ( Full Answer )

What gods or goddesses are Hera similar to?

Well it depends, are you only interested in Greek history or world-wide mythology. In Greece, there is Artemis, goddess of the hunt, Ios, goddess of poison, Aphrodite, goddess of love, Minerva, goddess of war.

How is the Emerald City in the movie 'The Wizard of Oz' similar to the New Deal?

That Ozites are bustling about and keeping busy with work is the way in which the Emerald City in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" is similar to the New Deal. Specifically, the New Deal describes the programs of economic recovery passed by Congress under the initiative of President Franklin Delano R ( Full Answer )

Is Hermes Similar to other Greek gods?

In a way kinda but no not really. All gods had significant roles to play but Hermes certaintly was an important one. Not only the messenger of the gods but also god of thiefs,writing ... etc

What is the similarity between the city and the country?

While cities and country-land are very different, some similarities include.... * Population of people (cities will have more, though) * Population of animals (country will have more, though) * Residential buildings * Stores / Marketplaces * Buisinesses * Public transportation * Educati ( Full Answer )

What is a similar god to Athena?

Minerva. She was the Roman name for Athena. Some sources state Theia was a Titaness of wisdom. Metis, Athena's mother was the goddess/titan of crafty thought and wisdom.

Is there a similar god or goddess to Ares?

In greek mythology? Maybe Athena, goddess of war strategy. In other mythology? All the other war gods. Horus god of war in Egypt, mars god war in Rome and a couple others.

What greek god is similar to Artemis?

Apollo(Apollon). Her twin brother. Their parents were Zeus(god of all gods, who cheated on Hera-goddess of heaven, his wife)and Leto(goddess of motherhood, modestly, and womenly demure. She may have also been the goddess of night, or, alternatively, the light of day{like her sister, Asteria}). A ( Full Answer )

How are gods armors similar to agamemnons armors?

It is possible that the armors of the gods and Agamemnon maybe similiar in style, but the armor of the gods will clearly be stronger. Mythology teaches that anything made by the gods gave men more of an advantage than anything made on Earth.

Who is a similar god of Poseidon?

The Roman god Neptune is similar to the Greek Poseidon, so much so they are called counterparts to their ancient cultures.

How is the Jewish concept of God similar to that of Islam?

Answer 1 Well, both Judaism and Islam insist that there is only one God. Of course, the two faiths have very different ideas about whom this God favors and what He expects in the way of worship. It's kind of as though people in the 31st Century agreed that the US elected a President in 2001, but s ( Full Answer )

What is a god or goddess similar to Artemis?

Apollo is Artemis' twin brother. They both have the responsibility of driving a chariot across the sky-- for Apollo, the sun, and for Artemis, the moon. They are both archers, as well.

What was the city of god about?

GOD --- G= Great; O=Ominous; D=Delightful! With this background,you can bring the Lord to your mental level and revel in HIM foryour own transformation to Greater Heights in LIFE.

Who is a similar goddess or god to Artemis?

Among the Greek goddesses which Artemis is identified with areSelene the moon goddess, Hecate the goddess of night and magic andEileithyia the goddess of birth. Artemis is also identified withDespoine, Britomartis, Diktynna and Aphaia.