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Moving electric charges will interact with an electric field. Moving electric charges will also interact with a magnetic field.

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Moving electric charges will interact?

Charged particles are always moving. Even at absolute zero. If you mean, moving on a big scale, yes, they do interact.

Moving electric charges will interact with?

The motion of a charge is affected by its interaction with the electric field and, for a moving charge, the magnetic field (Both electric and magnetic field)

How are moving electric charges related to electric and magnetic fields?

Moving electric charges create electromagnetic fields.

What do moving electric charges produce?

Moving electric charges produce a magnetic field. It also happens the other way around. A magnetic field produces moving electric charges.

What is electrical energy energy?

It is vitality that is created by moving electric charges. Following the electric charges are moving, this is a type of active vitality. The quicker the electric charges are moving the more electrical vitality they convey.

How do like and unlike electric charges interact?

They attract each other and charges repel.

The energy of moving electric charges are called?

An electric current.

How do electric charges interact?

they move through electrical circits

How do the two types of electric charges interact?

They attract each other.

Energy that moving electric charges carry is?


What is the energy moving electric charges?

Electromagnetic energy

Is it true that electric charges that are different do not interact?

yes,like pole attract.

How is an electric field produced?

electric field is produced due to static or moving charges

What is the energy that moving electric charges carry?

Electical Energy

What is the energy of moving electric charges called?

That is electrical energy.

Is a magnetic field surrounded by moving electric charges?


What are the moving charges that make up an electric current?


A magnetic field does not interact with a?

A) stationary electric charge B) moving electric charge C) stationary magnet D) a moving magnet

What surrounds all electric charges?

Each electric charge has an associated electric fieldaround it. It is in electrostatics that we investigate these fields and the ways they interact.

What do moving electrical charges create?

-- Electric charge that's moving is the definition of electric current.-- It creates a magnetic field in its neighborhood.

Do all magnets have a force that acts on moving electric charges?

yes,they do

What is the source of earth's magnetism?

The origins of magnetism is moving electric charges.

How EM wave propagated?

According to Maxwell's Equations electromagnetic waves are able to propagate without the need for any medium: moving electric charges induce a moving magnetic field, a moving magnetic field induces moving electric charges, ad infinitum...

How does an electric field exert force on anything that has an electric charge?

An electric field has what are called lines of force that radiate outward from the electric charge that creates them. It is the "touch" or the interaction with these lines of force that allow an electric field to exert a force (an electrostatic force) on anything with an electric charge.A fundamental law of electrostatics is that like charges repel and opposite charges attract. A charge will have an electric field around it, and if another charge is nearby, the fields of the charges will interact. Like charges will "push" on each other, while opposite charges will "pull" on each other. It's the fields of the respective charges that interact to cause the effects we see.All electric charges have associated electric fields around them. It is possible to "see" the electric fields like we "see" gravimetric fields. Both forces can "reach across" space to interact with objects at a distance from the source of the force. The field lines (lines of force) carry the force outward and are the means by which interaction occurs.

What is the meaning of magnetism and electricity?

Magnetism is the phenomenon associated with magnetic fields, the effects of such fields, and the motion of electric charges. And, electricity is the phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electric charges.

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