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Lorry was going to France to look after the interests of Tellison's Bank.

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What does Dr Manette learn at his meeting with Charles Darnay?

charles told dr.manette about his family background

Short summary of A Tale of Two Cities?

I have to do a report about it so this might help. The year is 1775 and Dr. Manette, imprisoned unjustly 18 years ago, has been released from the Bastille prison in Paris. His daughter, Lucie, who had thought he was dead, and Jarvis Lorry, an agent for Tellson's Bank, which has offices in London and Paris, bring him to England. Skip ahead 5 years to 1780. Frenchman Charles Darnay is on trial for treason, accused of passing English secrets to the French and Americans during the American Revolution. He is acquitted when eyewitnesses prove unreliable partly because of Darnay's resemblance to barrister Sydney Carton. In the years leading up to the fall of the Bastille in 1789 Darnay, Carton, and Stryver all fall in love with Lucie Manette. Carton, an irresponsible and unambitious character who drinks too much, tells Lucie that she has inspired him to think how his life could have been better and that he would make any sacrifice for her. Mr. Lorry persuades Stryver, Carton's barrister friend against taking Lucie's hand, now a close friend to the Manettes. Lucie marries Darnay and they have a daughter. Meanwhile, in France, Darnay's uncle the Marquis St. Evremonde is murdered in his bed for crimes committed against the people. Charles has told Dr. Manette of his relationship to the French aristocracy, but no one else. By 1792 the revolution has escalated in France. Mr. Lorry receives a letter at Tellson's Bank addressed to the Marquis St. Evremonde whom no one seems to know. Darnay sees the letter and tells Lorry that he knows the Marquis and will deliver it. The letter is from a friend, Gabelle, wrongfully imprisoned in Paris and asked the Marquis (Darnay) for help. Knowing that the trip will be dangerous, Charles feels compelled to go and help his friend. He leaves for France without telling anyone the real reason. On the road to Paris, Darnay (St Evremonde) is recognized by the mob and taken to prison in Paris. Mr. Lorry, in Paris on business, is joined by Dr. Manette, Lucie, Miss Pross, and later, Sydney Carton. Dr. Manette has influence over the citizens due to his imprisonment in the Bastille and is able to have Darnay released but he is retaken the next day on a charge by the Defarges' and is sentenced to death within 24 hours. Sydney Carton has influence on one of the jailers and is able to enter the cell; drug Darnay, exchange clothes, and have the jailer remove Darnay, leaving Carton to die in his stead. On the guillotine Carton peacefully declares, "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." Hope it helps.

Whose story did lorry tell Lucy in the story A Tale of Two Cities?

Mr. Lorry told Lucie her father's story of imprisonment and dementia.

Who is the author of the Little Red Riding Hood story?

The most commonly told versions are written by either Charles Perrault (France) or the Brothers Grimm (Germany)

Who told Champlain to develop the fur trade?

The King of France told Champlain to develop the fur trade.

What choice did Charles offer the Saxons?

Charles told the Saxons that they could either convert to Christianity, or die.

What point of view is the book the weirdo told from?

The book is told from third person point of view and Charles (Chip) Clewts's essays are told in first person.

Did Joan of Arc hear voices?

Yes, when she was 13 she heard the voices of St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine. They told her that she needed to help the King of France, Charles VII, and help him reclaim the French land that was taken over by the English. She also heard the voice of God who told her to fight in war with the French and help them win (France was losing many battles and soldiers then)

What did the voices tell Joan of Arc to do?

They told her to drive out the English from France and bring to Dauphin the Reims for his coronation.The voices told Joan of Arc to find the Dauphin and crown him as the King of France, and then lead his armies against the British, in order to liberate France.

How long was ray Charles blind?

I recently saw a film on Ray Charles and he was told to be loosing his eyesight around the ages of 7and8.

Did Charles Goodnight really invent the chuck wagon?

At the BUFFALO BILL HISTORICAL CENTER we were told it was named after him....Charles CHUCK Goodnight

How does Laurie's mother learn there is no Charles?

She is told at parent-teacher conference night

How has Charles Darwin changed the world?

becuse he told everyone about time change.

How did Charles Dickens reconnect with his love of the stage?

By kissing her and hugging her told her he lloves them gfdgs

What did mrs whatsit do that made Charles Wallace scold her in the book A Wrinkle in Time?

she asked for russian caviar and charles told her that was for mrs. murray's birthday

Why did Joan of Arc meet King Charles?

Because an angel told her to go help the French army, and she couldn't without consulting Charles iiv.

How long is lunch in France?

I think it is 45min. i dont know but one of my friend told it.

Who claimed to have been told to by god to save France?

I think you are referring to Joan of Arc.

Why did Charles Wallace want to kiss mrs whatsit?

because she was upset after she told meg, calvin and Charles Wallace that she was a star who died trying to fight the darkness

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