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Must you shoot black powder shells only in a Charles Daly 12 gauge shotgun with fine Damascus barrels?

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2008-04-22 16:52:14

Yes, definitely, always, without exception.

Pyrodex or similar powders which equal the characteristics of

black powder may be used.

Significant danger to the shooter and the gun will result if

smokeless powder is used. Note many folks who know that their

Damascus barrels are sound shoot modern shells through their guns.

I have shot thousands of Winchester AA Feathers through my Damascus

Daly. These shells have lower pressure that many black powder

rounds.With a gun this fine you should join the DoubleGun BBS a

place where old guns are talked about every day and shot alot. Also

check out the German Gun Collectors website. Never shoot every day

wally world shells but modern low pressure shell can be found

without much trouble.

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