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Yes, definitely, always, without exception.

Pyrodex or similar powders which equal the characteristics of black powder may be used.

Significant danger to the shooter and the gun will result if smokeless powder is used. Note many folks who know that their Damascus barrels are sound shoot modern shells through their guns. I have shot thousands of Winchester AA Feathers through my Damascus Daly. These shells have lower pressure that many black powder rounds.With a gun this fine you should join the DoubleGun BBS a place where old guns are talked about every day and shot alot. Also check out the German Gun Collectors website. Never shoot every day wally world shells but modern low pressure shell can be found without much trouble.

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Q: Must you shoot black powder shells only in a Charles Daly 12 gauge shotgun with fine Damascus barrels?
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What is the value of a Kriegoff 16g side-by-side black powder shotgun with damascus barrels?

You may have some success at the shotgun world website, ( there is a vast network of collectors and shotgun experts there that may be able to help.

Is laminated shot gun barrels better then Damascus barrels?

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here. Generally a shotgun with Damascus barrels (those showing a spiral pattern on the outside, since they were made from spiralling layers of metal) will have been made for black powder only. In their time, fine Damascus barrels were considered a superior option, but caution should be exercised shooting such guns now, and definitely only black powder should be used. If in doubt, get the gun checked by a qualified gunsmith.

You have an old shotgun that has Damascus barrels made in Saxon Belgium Can I reload shells using black powder also can Pyrodex or Triple Seven or other black powder substitutes be used?

You will have to be the judge on safe condition to fire, but I have been shooting a Belmont Damascus barred gun for years with black powder loads and also with the substitutes. I have not loaded more than 60 grains and use it for skeet and target plinking. So long as the barrels and lock are in good shape it should be fine.

Is modern ammunition safe for a Acme 12 gauge side by side with damascus barrels?

NO ! In general, Damascus barrels were made for LOW pressure black powder loads. There are exceptions, but they are few. I do not recommend firing ANY Damascus barreled shotgun with ANY ammo until a gunsmith familiar with that type of barrel has inspected and borescoped it. Damascus barrels were made by wrapping hot strips of steel (or iron, or both) around a rod, reheating, and hammering until they welded together. Each weld (and there are thousands) is a potential point of failure IF the gun has been exposed to corrosion- like that that comes with firing black powder. I would retire it to a place of honor above the fireplace.

How do you know if you have damascus barrels?

Quite often the shotgun will tell you how the barrels are made. If it says "twist" or "laminated" or "damascus", then it is one of the types generally called damascus. If it says "armory", "forged", or "fluid" then it is a more modern construction. Damascus barrels will show a pattern, although it can be covered with bluing or the pattern can be simulated. You can check by removing the forearm and polishing a small spot on the bottom of the barrel. This will remove either the bluing that hides the pattern or the simulated damascus pattern. As far as safety, the best damascus constructed barrels are stronger than a low-quality fluid steel barrel, and probably equal to most when new. But time will weaken the welds, so it is wise to retire an old damascus gun unless you know it has had proper care for its entire lifetime. Since your gun is marked for smokeless powder, it is PROBABLY fluid steel and PROBABLY has 2 3/4" chambers, but if you intend to shoot it, have it checked by a competent gunsmith and follow his recommendations. Damascus barrels were made to be used with black powder and so are thicker at the breach (to handle the fast explosion of powder) and thinner at the muzzle, as black powder. Due to the fact that modern smokeless powder buns at a slower pace, thus building up more pressure towards the muzzle which could cause the metal to split or rupture, it is not recommended that modern ammo be used in a Damascus barrel.

Where do you buy a shotgun that has 2 barrels twisted together?

I'm not aware of any shotguns ever made with two barrels twisted together. If you are refering to "Damascus Twist" barrels, you need to learn a lot more about guns before buying one. Here is some information for you...please note the part about it not being safe to fire a Damascus barrel with modern powder. Picture an onion after a fire cracker went off inside it.

What is a baker shotgun worth-damascus black powder?

You may have some success at the shotgun world website, ( there is a vast network of collectors and shotgun experts there that may be able to help

How old is your crescent shot gun?

Crescent Fire Arms Co.was in business from 1888-1931.If yours has a damascus twist barrel/or barrels then it was made prior to 1903.These were meant for Black powder shotgun shells only.If they are fluid steel,or nickel steel barrels then it was made sometime from 1904-1931.Most early type black powder shotguns will have a exposed hammer/or hammers on them.

Is a double barrel shotgun damascus made by syracus arms worth anything?

I can't place the manufacturer however it is not a famous name such as Greener. As such, the value of a damascus barrel shotgun is as a wall hanger. There is too much potential for hidden corrosion to weaken the barrels (not considering the higher pressure of smokeless powder shells) with the risk of the barrels exploding for it to be wise to use the gun. You might visit or to see if a similar gun has been sold and what the price might have been. In general, if you can get $100 for it, you're doing pretty well.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens model 250 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with with damascus barrels and outside hammers?

Does it say J. Stevens AND Co or J. Stevens ARMS & TOOL Co or J. Stevens ARMS Co? The first would have been made from 1865 to 1886, the second from 1886 to 1915, and the third from 1920 to about 1945 (unlikely if it has damascus barrels). Value is $100 - $300 depending on condition, but only as a mantle decoration. Damascus or twist barrels were fine when they were produced, but were not intended for modern smokeless ammunition. Even if they were proofed for smokeless powder circa 1900, today's smokeless is not the same and after a century the barrels have probably deteriorated.

How do you find manufacture date for a 12 gauge shotgun stamped Folsom Arms New York with serial number 207322?

Folsom was a brand name used by the Cresent firearms company,which was in business from 1888-1932.If your shotgun has Damascus barrels then it was made from 1888-1900.If it shoots standard smokeless powder shells,then it was made from 1901-1932.

What is the age of a damascus barrel Nitro King?

Most likely was imported from Belgium c. 1900-1910. "Nitro" refers to smokeless powder, so it would have been made after 1900. Damascus barrels would place it before WWI.

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