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Must you use a hub to connect 3 PC's

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Must you use a hub to connect 3 PC?

A hub or switch must be used to connect 3 PCs together. Two PCs can be connected using a single crossover cable.

Must you use a hub to connect three PCs and two PCs explain?

A hub is not required to connect three PCs and two PCs together. A switch is commonly used to allow multiple computers to communicate together.

Can you use a hub to connect three PCs?

Yes you acn use a hub to connect your computers. Just connect a cat5 network cable from each of your computers to the hub. It doesn't matter which port you plug the cat5 cable into on the hub. they are all the same. Also, if you might be interested in making your own cat5 cables. I have added a link on how to do ths.

Can you connect a router and a hub?

You can connect them both. It is better to use a "switch" instead of a hub, but the hub will work, too.

Can you connect multiple devices to a single USB port by daisy chaining them you must use a hub instead?

You should use a hub. Sometimes you can daisy chain, but you can get unpredictable results.

If you were going to connect two PCs together in a simple network using the network ports on each PC what type cable would you use?

A Crossover Cable is used to connect 2 PCs (when a hub or switch is not used) to make the simplest network of all. (6th Edition, Page 852)

Must you use a hub to connect 2 pcs?

Yes and no. If you want to just directly connect the two pc's together a cross-over Ethernet cable can do this. Cross-over cables are used to connect 2 like devices. Doing this will most likely require you to disconnect from the internet, unless your computer has 2 NIC's (ethernet ports) If you want to connect both computers together AND still have internet access a hub, or switch, or router is needed. Thus creating your own LAN

What device can you use to connect two or more PCs to a single cable modem?

A switch or hub is used to connect multiple devices to a modem. Hubs have largely fallen out of use due to their bandwidth-sharing properties that make them undesirable in high-speed local networks.

Which cable does a switch use to Connect to a hub?


Bt home hub and a notebook laptop how do you connect your internet from your hub to your laptop?

If you have an ADSL modem, you connect the ADSL modem to the hub, and you connect cables from the hub to each computer. If you have only a single computer, you need no hub.If instead you want to use a WiFi (wireless) connection, you also need an access point for the wireless connection.

What port on a hub from another hub to you use a straight through cable to connect to?

The "Crossover" port. (or MDI-X)

How do you hook up a playstation2 to go online if all you have is a dial up wall jack?

You would need to use a PC to connect to the internet with the modem. Then use a network card to connect to a hub. Use the hub to connect to your Playstation. Then setup the PC as a proxy server.

You want to make a network of three pcs is it possible to install two network cards on a host machine and connect other two machines to the host and make a network?

forget that and use a HUB/Switch or wireless router

I use a router with PCs, will a Mac be able to connect to my network?

As long as the Mac in question has a wireless adapter, it should connect.

Which cable does an hub use to connect to a Switch?

A straight through cable is used.

How do you connect two pc's using lan?

Either use a crossover cable or connect them using a hub, switch, or router.

What devices are used to connect four computers?

You could use:SwitchHubRouter

What port on the hub would you use if was using a straight-through cable to connect another hub to the network?

The "uplink" port. If it doesn't have one, you will have to use a crossover cable.

What is hub and why it is used in computer?

A hub is 10 year old hardware technology used to connect more that one computer together (people use switches now, switches auto detect speeds). You usually use a router to connect to the internet

You are asked to upgrade a bus topologyLAN at a friends house to a star topology LAN your friend wants to connect three computers and a prienter and use a ethernet access method what must you have?

A hub

Must you use a hub to connect three pc's?

I have a PC, laptop and xbox running and i have a modem and router downstairs with a wire leading upstairs then a netgear high speed hub splitting my connection 3 ways to my PC etc , but i don't think u need a hub if your router has multiple ethernet slots.

How can a computer room with 10 pcs be connected to the internet?

You can use a standard wireless router that contains 4 ports to connect 4 computers via wire, and the rest wirelessly. Or, you can connect all of them wirelessly. If you must connect all of them by wire, you can use a 16 port router. Most routers have either 4, 8, or 16 ports.

What device can you use to connect two or more PCs to a single modem?

A router or possibly a data switch can connect two PC's to a DSL or cable modem.

Every business must use social media to connect with consumers.?

Every business must use social media to connect with consumers.

How to connect one computer to two printers by USB cables?

To connect one computer to two printers by USB cables would require the use of a USB Hub. It may be wise to purchase a Hub with 6 or more ports. The Hub will have a port marked 'in', which will have to be connected to your computer. You can then connect the printers to any of the other ports on the Hub, ensuring that the respective printer drivers are installed on your computer. The USB Hub will also allow for the connection of your scanner and digital cameras etc.