My 1982 postal jeep has had all the gaskets replaced on the engine and I still lose 2-3 quarts of oil a day. they think it is the head gasket now. right or wrong?

That depends; leaking or burning?

If you have replaced all of the gaskets and the engine still leaks oil, either a gasket has failed or more likely one or both of the crankshaft seals has failed. Typically the "rear main" will fail once the rings wear and the engine develops "blowby". Blowby is a condintion where sufficient exhaust gas leaks into the crankcase creating pressure. The pressure can push against the rear main seals and the seals will eventually fail.

If you're burning that much oil, wow! I'm surprised the plugs don't foul out. Burnin oil is typically caused by worn rings (again) or worn intake valve guides.

Reply: Not burning oil. It blows out somewhere near the front right side. The rear main seal was replaced. By removing the oil cap, I have eliminated the oil leak. Putting it back on causes the oil to leak. Seems to be pressure related.

The engine needs proper crank case ventalation, Look right behind the oil filler cap, there is a vacumn hose that has a metal elbow looking thing attached to it, this is a check valve, the vacumn from the intake manifold sucks gasses from the engine block thru this check valve. over time the check valve will build up with deposits and plug. this is more than likely your problem. You can buy a new one at your local auto parts place for a few dollars.

Another Opinion

If you have that much "blowby" it's probably more than a new PCV valve can handle, but definitely try it first.

Blowby is described above. Sometimes you can solve the problem by flushing the engine. To do that add a quart of expensive additive OR, just put in a quart of diesel fuel and let the engine idle for about 10 minutes. DON'T DRIVE IT while you have the additive or diesel fuel in there.

Then, change the oil, drive it for 300 miles and change it again.

SOMETIMES you can loosen up the rings and they'll seal again, but it usually doesn't work.

If you have blowby as bad as you describe, you need to rebuild or replace the engine.