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Check the thermostat to see if it was installed correctly. They can get put in backwards.

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You have changed the radiator cap the thermostat the water pump is new and recently changed radiator the radiator stopped the frequenrt overheating but now very rarely it overheats and coolant boil?

Blown head gasket?

Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Toyota Camry?

I did an 88 recently. facing the engine it is on the left. Follow the hose from the radiator.

How does the lower transmission line come off the radiator on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

hey, glad my suffering can be of some use to you. i recently replaced the radiator in my 94 cherokee. i actually cut the lower line off with a sawsall where the metal meets the radiator. after this, the line was loose and i was able to see how the clip worked. All you have to do is squeeze the plastic part with a small pair of pliers and pull the hose away. actually, you can do it the same way that i did as my replacement radiator came with a new metal nipple. hope this helps

Dodge B250 van to overheat?

Have you replaced the thermostat? On my 92' B250 I had to remove the Alternator and I think the A/C compressor. to properly remove and clean the housing. Also just recently I had to replace the radiator cap.

Why is your Wrangler Sport 2000 overheating after recently changed radiator pump and the thermostat Radiator center is not even warm by touch but the top and the bottom are and Coolant is clean?

You may possibly have air in the system. Or your thermostat is not opening and closing properly. Double check that it was put on correctly. It wouldn't hurt to call a mechanic. From personal experience, I find I get better answers from neighborhood mechanics, than dealerships.

You recently changed your head gasket radiator and cap water pump and thermostat your 1993 thunder bird sc still over heats what could be the problem?

the heater core water pump hoses including the heater hoses

How do you know if your radiator is blocked?

- Engine temperature is high - Could also be the thermostat (if no heat from heater) - It is possible to see the fluid flow by removing the radiator cap and looking in. How: Do not do this if the engine is hot or if the engine was recently run. Let the engine cool for 3 hours first. Remove the cap when the engine is cold. Start the engine. As the engine heats up (maybe two minutes) the thermostat will (should) open and you should see fluid flowing. May need a flash light to see into the radiator. - If some of the narrow channels in the engine block are clogged you may hear the radiator boiling after the engine has turned off.

Central heating quit working and led on thermostat does not work?

I replaced my thermostat recently. Try They have lots of them and they have good pricing. Give them a look.

I am getting very low heat in my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Could this simply a problem with the thermostat since I recently replaced the radiator If so is the thermostat easy to replace?

Yes, the thermostat would be a very good candidate. Follow the top radiator hose back to the engine block. The hose connects to a housing that is bolted to the engine. Remove the hose, remove the two bolts that hold the housing and the thermostat should be right under it. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the surfaces, both the housing and the engine before you try to put it all back together. Some thermostats hosings are sealed with a gasket, others are sealed with a rubber seal. Whichever yours has, make sure you replace the seal. While you're at it, inspect the hoses and replace any that are bulging, leaking or brittle. Fill the coolant reservoir with fresh coolant after you have put everything back together. It's a very easy fix and should help with the heat.

How do i drain the radiator in a 2001 focus?

To drain the radiator in a 2001 Focus, loosen the cap on the top of the radiator overflow tank. Then loosen the lowest radiator hose on the radiator. Drain the antifreeze into a bucket to prevent ground pollution. Be careful, if the engine was recently running. The liquid will be hot.

What types of art did the Cherokee Indians do?

Historically the Cherokee made a type of pottery which they decorated. There are also some carvings and cave paintings (recently discovered and attributed to the Cherokee, at least in part). The Cherokee also did bead and feather work as well as painting.

Why does the coolant fill up the reservoir and not return back to the radiator leaving the radiator bone-dry on a 93 Honda Civic DX?

Hey Ken==The radiator cap isn't sealing. Replace it. GoodluckJoe If replacing the radiator cap is not enough then look at your radiator as the problem. Your radiator when the car is running should be the same temperature top to bottom. Run your hand down the radiator (careful you can burn yourself) and see if it is cool toward the bottom. If it is cool at the bottom but hot at the top your radiator is clogged. Flush does not work so save your money. I would start looking online for a new radiator their cheap enough. Good luck. -mspolyar If it still vents with a new cap then the excessive pressure could be due to a blown head gasket pushing combustion pressure into the coolant system, if the vehicle has been overheated recently it is a good possibility I had the same problem. Check your upper and lower radiator hoses. You might also need to replace your thermostat. The thermostat is a spring seal for coolant. These get stuck open and closed often for civics in the 1990's. I had to replace mine 2 times within a month. Part of it was my fault, because i drove it like i stole it. When your engine gets hot, the thermostat opens up and lets coolant in. When it is too cold, it closes and doesn't let coolant into your engine so it will warm up. Your thermostat probably got stuck closed. Also, check the little hose running from the reservoir tank to the radiator, it might be clogged.

Why would a 1995 Crown Victoria with the original thermostat only produce luke warm heat if the coolant is full and recently flushed?

Thermostat stuck open. Replace.

How do you get hot air to come out when the heater is on?

First check the water level. Low level will not get to the heater core. Change the thermostat. If you recently changed the thermostat, bleed the coolant system.

What might be the possible cause for a 94 f150 to overheat slowlyi've changed the t-stat heater recently?

is the new thermostat rated to manufacturers specs? if so it coul be air in your coling system causing hot spots.or it could also be low/contaminated fluid. also check the radiator for leaks just had that problem was a small crack in plastic side casing of radiator.

What do you do when you think you are falling in love with a radiator?

it's a hard one, i recently had a relationship with a radiator, but it didn't work out. radiators are unforgiving creatures and they manipulate your feelings. get over the radiator, and move on to a guy with a loving heart. hope this helps! xx

Where is the thermostat located on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cylinder?

I attempted to find this yesterday, but was unsuccessful...I did learn that most thermostats are located in the upper radiator hose, which is a much easier fix. However, I said most cars...The '00 eclipse's thermostat is located in the lower radiator hose which is much harder to get at.... If anybody has access to a diagram please help! Easy fix right here: Remove your intake. Remove your battery. Remove the battery stand. Now look and see where both radiator hoses converge. There is a bulge in that line with three bolts on it... remove the cover. You have now successfully found your thermostat. Any questions or pictures needed email me at I will tell you anything you need to know about a V6 as I have recently done the swap to a 3.5L out of a Diamante.

What would cause a 1998 Dodge Ram Van 1500 to overheat on the highway only and cool down when going slower?

could be a bad radiator, or not enough flow to radiatorAddendumI had the exact same problem and it turned out to be a plugged up radiator. I also had this problem, so hose flushed the radiator, and the problem still persisted. Turned out that the thermostat was sticking; not opening fully. I put another one in, and it's running cool now. Change your thermostat. They need to be changed anyway, so do it, and I'll bet your overheating problem will be cured. Cheapest cure there is.I recently went thru this on a 99 dodge ram 1500, replaced the thermostat, still had probs with over heating on the highway, after that noticed that my water level in my radiator kept going down, changed the water pump and that was the issue. after about a week of overheating and running low on water. if replacing the thermostat doesnt work, you need to check to see if you have any water leaks at all on your water pump, then with as old as my van is, i just make sure once a week to check my water level and keep water in my resivoir as well, never had a prob since.

What company manufactures Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep is the maker of the cherokee, Jeep is part of Chrysler. Jeep have been owned by a variety of companies most recently it went from AMC to Chrysler back in 1987.

What to do about an error code 12 on a 1997 jeep Cherokee?

Code 12 just means that the battery has been recently disconnected

Would a lower degree thermostat help to keep a Chevy 350 run cooler?

Yes, given that there aren't other issues with the cooling system. Is the fan in good shape? Is the fan shroud in good shape, or even there at all? Has the cooling system been flushed recently? If all of these things are in good working order, then yes, a 160 degree thermostat will obviously run cooler than a 195 degree thermostat will. One more question... Is the radiator big enough? That is the next question after you have eliminated possible problems with everything else.

98 Nissan Maxima 140k miles Recently temp gauge has been going up and down around upper limit and it sounds like a cooling fan is running All fluid levels are fine What could be the cause?

Thermostat not opening fully Water pump not circulating coolant Radiator plugged or restricted

Have recently replaced the water pump and thermostat and the 1996 astro still has problems overheating the coolant still boils Any ideas?

You need to make sure that your radiator fan is working properly. Some are fixed, some have a clutch that engages them when the engine heats up. Watch your fan when the engine is hot to see if it functions correctly.

Oil filter for a 2004 Jeep Cherokee?

No such animal. Chrysler stopped making the Cherokee in 2001. '''''Chrysler marketed the Jeep Liberty as a Jeep Cherokee in Europe until very recently. There was a were 3 engine options including a turbo diesel so oil filter type and location cannot be given without detailed information.'''''

How do you replace 1996 Volkswagen Golf thermostat?

Helped a mechanic friend of mine replace the thermostat on my 1993 GTI 2.0 8v (2E engine) recently. Easiest if done from underneath.The thermostat housing is behind the bracket that holds the pas pump etc.Undo the pump bolts and swing it out of the way.Can't remember if we had to do the same with the alternator.