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The voltage regulator is defective. It may be internal or external to the alternator. Any auto parts store can provide this information. Have them check the alternator for output.

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What is shorting out your battery if the car is not been driving?

May be the voltage regulator is defective, bad connection somewhere, alternator with a defective part which impair to fully charge the battery. decrease of the battery solution, short-circuit somewhere.

What makes alternator fuse in 1982 caprice keep blowing disconnected alternator and fuse stills blow?

Im not sure if your talking Alternator output wire fuseable link or regulator exciter wire, i would assume your talking the exciter wire, it may have a short and is grounding out on the engine or frame somewhere

Alternator is good battery keeps dying?

have the battery tested, average life of a battery is 2 to 3 years. if battery is good check voltage regulator and starter motor. there is a short somewhere if the battery is good

Why would your driving lights blink on a 1993 Accord?

The headlight switch has a built in circuit breaker. It is to protect the system in case of a short. Also the voltage regulator is built into the alternator. Or, you could just have a bad ground somewhere.

You have a1994 century buick 4 cylinder after replaces alternator belt alternator and battery it still want stay charged?

Okay the first thing I want you to do is turn the key on and observe the warning lights. Does the battery light come on? If not the voltage regulator in that alternator is bad. Assuming you have a good alternator and a good battery You may have a voltage drop somewhere. The most common is an underhood light or trunk light that doesn't go out when you drop the hood or close the trunk. Others may include a door switch or possibly a short somewhere. Good luck.

What would make a Chevy caviler alternator not work?

Electrical one way valves called diodes often go bad in alternators (part of the regulating system). Other causes would be bad field or stator windings...basically a broken wire somewhere in the alternator. Bad bearings...since the thing spins very fast.

How can i tell if an rebuilt alternator in a e 150 ford van was installed or is it the old one?

normally a alternator that is from the factory will have motorcraft somewhere on it, if it has been rebuilt it should have a sticker somewhere on it from the shop that rebuilt it

Why do the voltage battery light keep coming on after a new battery has been installed?

Ah, you have made one of the most common and easiest mistakes to make in automotive maintenance. Because the 'battery voltage' idiot light came on, you assumed that the battery was bad. Did you have an automotive electrical specialist test the electrical system on your car? Did you have the battery tested at a battery shop? Did you know that there are 3 primary parts to an automotive electrical system, and anyone of them can be responsible for the system operating below required voltage levels? Most modern automobiles generate electricity with a device called an alternator, which is driven by a belt from the crankshaft. The alternator generates Direct Current, at voltages up to 20 volts, in some cases. To keep the alternator from frying the battery, a Voltage Regulator is used to control the output of the alternator. This insures that the battery is only charged with a current of 18 volts, or less. Most modern alterators have the voltage regulator inside, but on older cars, the voltage regulator is mounted on the fender or the firewall, somewhere in the engine compartment. So, the alternator generates the electricity used to charge the battery, but the voltage regulator controls the output of the alternator. If the alternator is going bad, it may not be generating enough voltage to charge the battery. The battery is usually a 12 volt battery, and must see more than 12 volts to charge. Or, the alternator output might be reduced to an unusable level by the voltage regulator. Before you replace the entire electrical system, take the car to an automotive electrical specialist for testing. They can determine exactly which component is not working, and repair it. (Note: If the voltage regulator is bad, this DOES NOT mean that the entire alternator must be replaced! In almost all cases, the voltage regulator can be replaced by disassembling the alternator. If the specialist insists that the alternator must be replaced, I would recommend getting a second opinion, even though testing is often not free. Voltage regulators are fairly cheap, and can be replaced by a competent technician without too much difficulty. Alternators are expensive.)

Can a battery with to many cold cranking amps burn up an alternator in a 2001 vw bug?

"Big" Battery Damage Alternator?No, it should not damage the alternator. If this has happened it's probable that the problem is somewhere in the wiring circuit connected to the battery and alternator.

Battery no charge warning?

Sounds to be alternator. Take somewhere to have the charging system tested.

Why is your alternator not recharging your battery?

because you have an open electrical line somewhere behind your radio.

New alternator fitted but light stays on?

New Alternator BUT Warning Light Still Stays OnMaybe there was nothing wrong with the alternator you replaced, and the problem is somewhere else in the charging system!Although possible, it is highly unlikely that a new alternator would be defective.

What fuse controls the alternator in 2004 ford f-150?

Alternators are not in a fused circuit. If your alternator isn't working, it's because either the belt is broken, there is a shorted circuit somewhere, or the alternator is faulty.

What would cause the GEN light to come on on a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel?

The Alternator is not putting out enough voltage. If you recently replaced the alternator with a "new" remanufactured alternator that one could be bad to your truck somewhere to get it tested.

If the car is running and from time to time it shows charging system?

could be a loose alternator belt or the alternator brushes are very worn if so best to change the alternator also if the signal wire earths somewhere the battery/alt light will come on

What would be the Cost on replacing an alternator on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

The alternator is somewhere around $125. Not sure what labor would be, but plan on at least a $100 for it. Changing the alternator yourself isn't really a difficult job - See "Related Questions" below for more

What cause batterie ligh to stay on after changing batterie and alternator?

Check volatages everywhere, there could be a short somewhere. Also, check the tension on the belt that drives your alternator. That belt might be slipping due to a faulty tensioner and not spinning the alternator fast enough.

What would it cost to replace the alternator on a dodge caravan?

The alternator itself will cost somewhere between $40 - $140 depending on where you get it and whether you get a new or rebuilt one. Labor should be under an hour.

What does it mean if your car battery stays on even after you have replaced it?

The most probable cause is a bad connection somewhere in the alternator > battery circuit. Check if the alternator is operational. Clean all contacts with a steel brush.

What is draining new battery and alternator on BMW 525i?

If the battery is brand-new and I would suspect either the alternator is defective or you have a lightbulb somewhere on the vehicle that is pulling power from the battery. It can also be a relay that is stuck.

Why does start turns but will not turn engine on a 1999 Cadillac SLS?

Short answer, because somewhere on that engine block are the initials GM.Seriously, start with the easy and eliminate:check the battery for chargecheck the alternatorcheck the voltage regulator (not certain this model has one, but in case)check for the starter to be seized upcheck your ignition relay

Can you drive if my battery light stays on?

yes but you shouldn't if alternator is not charging battery is bound to go dead and you will get stranded somewhere.

What happen when alternator goes bad?

Your battery charge will get so low eventually car won't start and you will get stuck somewhere.

Why is my 1990 Chevy van G20 alternator not charging and is not getting power?

The alternator is not getting power? At any of the wires or just the main/largest one? If you are testing the large wire, this is the output side that runs to the battery. If there is no power in this wire where it connects to the alternator it must have a bad connection at the alternator or at the battery or a break somewhere in between. If there is power there, I would look at the fuses.

How do you turn the hot water temperature down on your furnace?

Every hot water heater I've seen has a regulating knob somewhere. Look for it,possibly under a cover.

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