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I used to have 1 93 accord, when I smacked it, the fuel shut off switch kicked in. If it turns but doesn't fire, reset the switch. With the drivers door open, bend down and into the car and put your hand behind the centre of your console near to the clutch pedal, feel around and you will find the cut off switch. Reset it and the engine should start again

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1992 Honda Accord starter?

How do u know if a start went off on a 1992 Honda accord.

Troubleshoot 90 Honda Accord that at surgs at idle?

'90 Honda Accord will start but shut off. What could this problem be?

Why is 1994 Honda Accord Lx hard to start when weather is hot?

crank no start hot weather1991 Honda accord no start hot . but will start for a second with starting fluid . not getting fuel

Why does your 1999 Honda accord squeal when you start it?


Why would a 97 Honda accord not start?

There are a few reasons a 1997 Honda Accord may not start. It is possible that the battery is dead or that it is out of gas. Another possibility is that the starter is worn out.

When did Honda start installing a v6 engine on the accord?


What could cause your 87 Honda Accord to not start?

No battery.

When cold your 1987 Honda accord will start run 30 sec then die and wont start again?

sound like a fuelling problem. prob choke is sticking and overfuelling

Can you start Honda accord with the spare key that has no remote and drive it?


1994 Honda accord 2.2 starts then cuts off won't start again until motor cools down?

Replace your fuel pump relay.

Why won't your Honda accord lx start?

because you touch yourself at night.

Do you need a special key for Honda accord 2001 in order for it to start?


Block heater Honda Accord?

A block heater for a Honda Accord helps to quickly raise the temperature of the car to the proper heat level. This allows for a quicker engine start-ups.

Honda accord car won't start?

Did you check the ECU fuse in the fuse box?

Why does our 98 Honda accord not start when its parked on a hill?

Maybe a weak fuel pump?

92 Honda Accord when you start it it runs for a few minutes then dies what could be the problem?

There are several things that can cause your 1992 Honda Accord to start and then die out. The most common cause is an inconsistent flow of fuel. This can be caused by a dirty fuel filter.

Why would a 1999 Honda Accord not start when it is raining?

Replace your distributor cap, it probably has a crack in it.

Why will your 1989 Honda accord lxi start in the morning but not in the afternoon?

check your main relay and connections

Honda accord 91 LX wont start after refilling the gas?

Did you chaeck the fuel pump?

99 Honda Accord 4cy does not start when hot out but starts when cool out. please need help.?

HI, I would suggest you check the ignitor .My 1993 Honda Accord LX had the same symptoms. Mary

What would cause a 1991 Honda accord to stall at a traffic light The check engine light comes on it stalls you start it again its fine til you stop again?

idle air control valve (iac) could be dirty or clogged.

Your 1994 Honda Accord EX will not start and the D for drive in the cluster is blinking What do you do?

won't start and d in cluster blinks... what can i do to fix it?

How do you replace a timing belt on a 96 Honda Accord?

96 Honda Accord has an interference engine. Replace the Cam belt wrong and you have serious engine damage when you start the vehicle. For this reason you should seek the help of a professional.

Where would one purchase headlights for a Honda Accord?

Honda Accord headlights can be purchased from eBay and Amazon. On eBay, prices start at „ï__ï£80. These can also be purchased from the website CariD and they can be found for different models.

Why does your Honda Accord flood and not start all the time.?

Leaking fuel injectors may be causing the flooding.