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Your problem is either a short in the wiring harnes, or defect in the radio itself

2007-06-08 06:45:42
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What columns are compatible with a 1980 Pontiac Firebird is a 1979 firebird or even a Camaro compatible with a 1980 firebird?

1978-1981 Camaro and Firebird steering columns are all the same.

Where is the truck switch on a 1992 firebird?

by the steering wheel

Where do you add power steering fluid to a 1986 Pontiac Firebird?

At or near the power steering pump.

Is a camaro and a firebird close enough to interchange the steering column?


Where do you put the power steering fluid in a 1996 Firebird?

where the power steering fluid box is on the drivers side of the engine for the v6

Where is the 92 firebird horn location - Can I have a pic?

The horn on the 92 Firebird is located behind the front bumper. The horn button is located on the steering wheel. Pictures can be found in a Firebird repair manual.

Which are the types of controlling in management?

Pre-action ControlsConcurrent/ Steering ControlsScreening/ rework ControlsPost action Controls.

Where are the horns on an 19 88 firebird?

On the driver side in between the engine and the steering box.

What is the relation in a steering and suspension system?

Steering controls left and right, suspension controls up and down. Any problem with one will affect the other.

Someone tried to stesl your 1989 firebird and broke the steering column how do you repair this without taking it apart or do you have to?

If the steering column is broken on a 1989 Firebird, it may have to be taken apart to be repaired. If it is only the ignition that the thieves damaged, a new ignition can be installed.

How are the steering wheel controls connected to the radio on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

There are a series of wires that run from the steering wheel controls to the radio. An electronic circuit could be used, to combine several controls into fewer wires.

Why would a 1991 Pontiac Firebird not start after you replaced the steering column?

Because when you change the ignition in a firebird you have to use the same key and key lock that was on the original column. If you don

Where is the flasher relay located on 1997 Firebird?

The flasher relay for the turn signals on a 1997 Firebird is located under the dash on the passenger side of the steering column support. The hazard flasher relay is located under the dash on the driver's side of the steering column support.

Can you replace the ignition lock cylinder on a 1994 Pontiac firebird without removing the steering wheel?

You can replace the ignition lock cylinder in your 1994 Pontiac Firebird without removing the steering will. Remove the retaining ring at the top of the ignition cylinder. The ignition cylinder will slide out.

Does the Clock spring in the steering column of a 96 Grand Cherokee limited control the cruise controls and the stereo controls on the steering wheel?

It doesn't control anything. It is the connection for the cruise switches, horn switch, radio controls(if equipped) and airbag that allow the steering wheel to turn and there to still be a connection.

What is wrong with steering on a 1996 Pontiac firebird when you go to take off or turn your wheels it like you have no steering. If your are driving along above 5miles an hour the steering works?

It is possible the power steering fluid is low,or the belt is loose.

Where can you find a pitman arm for an 89 firebird?

The pitman arm is an important component in the steering mechanism of yourÊ1989 Firebird. These can be replaced by a mechanic or by purchasing on at an auto parts retailer and doing it yourself.

Where are the hidden vin locations on a 1991 firebird?

the hidden locations is under the mat which is under the steering wheel

What controls the gauge cluster cruise control?

The steering is what controls the gauge in cruise control. This is in any car or truck.

Where is the power steering fluid check on a 95 firebird v6 and what kind of fluid can i put in it?

The power steering fluid check is found at the end of the power steering belt. If you are unable to locate it, kindly consult the user manual.

What is the diagram for a 1968 Pontiac Firebird Automatic Shift Lever on the Steering Column?

get a chiltons manual from the library for your car.

What steering columns fit a 1999 camaro?

Any column from a 1993-2002 Camaro/Firebird should work

What is a gem module on a Mercury Sable?

It controls the variable power steering on your vehicle. The faster the car goes the less power steering the vehicle needs. The module is what controls that. It senses the cars speed and then determines how much power steering "power" needs to be applied.

What fuse controls the cruise controls and radio controls on the steering wheel of a 2000 Chrysler town and country?

The cruise and radio switches do not share a common fuse.

Can you change the steering wheel from your 2006 Buick Lacrosse to one which has steering wheel controls?

no they do not have the same wiring harness 65;