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My 1995 Isuzu Rodeo only gets 10 miles per gallon Is this normal or could there be a problem?

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2006-09-26 02:50:07

As this vehicle should get between 15-19 mpg, you definitely

have a problem. Start by performing the basics. Replace the Air

filter, & Fuel Filter. Replace the spark plugs and plug wires.

Clean the throttle body intake with a sensor safe spray cleaner.

Make sure all tires are at factory recommended PSI. Pour a can of a

good fuel injector cleaner such as Seafoam or Techron in a full

tank of fuel. If the check engine light is on, take it to a

professional for repair. A few other things that will hurt mileage

are a clogged catalytic converter, out of alignment, brakes

dragging due to sticking caliber, bent exhaust pipe or tail pipe,

vacuum leak, fuel injector partially clogged, and more. Start with

these things and see what you have then. Good luck.

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