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My 2001 Ford Taurus no longer has cabin heat Where do I start looking?

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2010-03-03 14:51:46

check for anti freeze in the overflow jug on the side first.

if the above does not work check the coolant lines going into

the firewall from the engine compartment. Check to see if they are

both hot. If they are not you might need to flush out the heater

core. There are 2 common causes of 'no-heat' when the coolant is


# Blocked / plugged heater core

To check - confirm that both heater hoses going into the

firewall are warm. If only one is warm, likely there is a blockage

and the core will have to be flushed and/or replaced.

# Temperature blend door is stuck in the cold air position

#* The door itself is binding and not able to pivot

#* The blend door actuator has failed - see "Related

Links" below for the online repair guide to replacing

the blend door actuator / motor. It's only about $15

check how high the temp gauge goes if it doesn't go above 1/3 of

the gauge change the thermostat or check the tap unit on the

firewall. pull the 2 hoses off the heater core on the fire wall

then take a garden hose and flush all the muck out and you will

have heat

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