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Try changing your pcv valve. if that dont work it could be your mass air flow senscer or throtle pasistion senscer


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yes, of course there is. if the cylinder head gasket is burnet through, one cylinder fills with water and then the car runs on only 4 cylindres and the compression is too low

If your 4 Runner shakes when it is idle, it is in definite need of a tune up. The shaking could be from a variety of things, including the fuel filter being clogged or even a cylinder misfire.

my idling on my 2001 ford focus is not idling correct, tried to adjust idling but there is no screw or way to adjust why?

Have it checked for codes. There will be a misfire code that will let you know what cylinder has the problem.

Because even idling engines use fuel.

You most likely have cylinder misfire. Check your ignition coils and spark plugs.

I sat in my car in the driveway with the car idling, waiting for the kids to come out.

Mine is between 500 and 600 rpm's after the engine is warmed up.

Knowing the year would make a difference. A good STOCK 350 should have at least 150 PSI per cylinder. You CAN'T have any more then a 20 LB difference in any giving cylinder are you will have idling problems.

water in the fuel can cause an idling motor to sputter and/or die.

Effectively all the fuel that it burns while idling. You are getting 0 miles per gallon while idling.

you have one or more cylinders not firing causing imbalance. check for spark at each cylinder.

I had the same problem on my car. turned out to be a blown head gasket. the no. 1 cylinder was pushing hot gasses into the coolant jacket.

No, they will not. Only in the event of out-game idling would they do that.

It depends on how long you are idling, or how fast you are going. If you know you are going to be idling for a long time, it's best just to put your car in park.

Idling is what your car is doing when it is just sitting somewhere running. As soon as you press on the gas it is no longer idling. Your idle speed is the number of RPMs your engine runs at when you are idling.

It is supposed to keep idling when you put it in park, unless you turn the ignition key off.

The idling speed is automatically sensed ....and set by the Air control valve

Normal operating temperature 650-750 RPM it should be between 0.5 and 1

It could be used as in: The little girl ran out of the house into the idling car, where her mom sat waiting.

Yes, "sparkling plugs" is definitely detrimental to idling or smooth running of an engine

There are many reasons why your car might vibrate while it is idling. It could be running too hard for example.

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