My 7yr old son complains of a soft spot on back of his head can you help me?

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You mean his skull is soft in one part ? You better get a professional opinion and check up.
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What kind of exercise can a 7yr old do?

Answer . There's a lot of exersize that is suitable and fun for a 7 yr old. Encourage them to play sports. A child who plays sports as youngster is more likely to like doing exersize as a grown up ,have a decreased chance of becoming obese as an adult and more likely to be fit in later life. The ( Full Answer )

Will shaving your sons head help get rid of head lice?

Yes this is the best thing to do if you have tried everything else. I would say use a clipper instead of a razor and use guard #1. This will make a thin carpet of hair on your son's head. Using a razor on your son's head is not advisable as they may be unseen moles which will put your son in pain

Your 7yr old is on 30Mg Adderall is this to much?

Answer . I am not a doctor but, personally speaking, I would not place a seven year old on Adderall at all nonetheless at 30 mg. per day. Adderall presents significant cardiovascular risks to both adults and children and, according to the FDA, though rare, it can cause sudden death in children. A ( Full Answer )

How can you teach your 7yr old son to read?

Well what i would do is right down the alphabet and teach him one letter at a time, what sounds each letter makes and what it looks like capitalized and lower cased. After he knows what each letter looks like right down simmple words such as dog or cat. To teach him that reading is fun you could mak ( Full Answer )

Average weight for 7yr old boy?

the healthy weight of a 7yr old boy is beween 18-30 kg. I have a 7 year old son and he weighs 52 lbs. He seems average and he is 4 ft 3

Have a soft spot for?

soft-spots usually occur in babies, because when they are born their skulls are fully developed and has a weak spot in the middle

My 19 year old son suffered head injury due to a car accident cant find life insurance can you help?

If your son does not have any insurance coverage for his injury, there are alternatives for you to receive financial compensation, depending on the circumstances: If he was a passenger in the car accident that gave him his head injury, you may file a claim against the driver of the car he was a p ( Full Answer )

Why do adult have soft spot in top of head?

To support the skull; avoiding a sever injury, if headeaches are frequent it could be the cause of lack of fluid intake...drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to aliviate the headaches.

My son has blonde hair with white spots on the back of his head is he losing pigment?

Vitiligo is a fairly common pigment discontinuity in people usually present since birth. It is usually only present in a few spots and the decreased, or lack of melanin can cause the skin to turn white. When present in hair it causes the hair to become platinum blonde despite the rest of the hair's ( Full Answer )

Can chickens have strokes I have a polish white who is about 8 years old and suddenly her head is drooping and she seems confused. She lifts her head up but then it slowly drops back down. Help?

Hi, sorry to hear about your chicken. I had a hen last year, she was 7 yrs old. Stroke could be possible. I know that they can have seizures because mine did and she was getting ill. I had to euthanize her when she started having seizures. Got to the point she couldn't stand. Mine was a house pet. I ( Full Answer )

What is the soft spot on a baby's head called?

The soft spots on a baby's head are called fontanelles. There are two of them, the larger one close to the front of the head, and a smaller one that closes soon after birth further back on the head.

Your four year old toppled a basket on top of him in a store and hit his head He has a soft large lump on the back of his head but is playing and doing everything normal Should you see a doctor?

Only if you are independantly wealthy and enjoy throwing money away. Children have been sustaining bumps and bruises for thousands of years but only recently has the medical community been so powerful as to convince parents that they need to be consulted for every bump and scrape.. You will know if ( Full Answer )

CPR on 7yr old girl?

Yes, that's possible. You would perform the usual 30 compressions and 2 breaths for one rescuer. and 15 compressions and 2 breaths for 2 rescuers.

Soft spot on babys head?

The "soft spot" is the area on top of the head where the bones of the skull have not quite joined. During pregnancy, the skull develops sort of like a jigsaw puzzle; it's not all one bone, but rather many bones that eventually meet and fuse. Some bones meet and fuse before the baby is born. Others f ( Full Answer )

Why do Babies have soft spots on their heads?

These "soft spots," called fontanels, are actually made of tough but flexible cartilage. A baby's brain grows very quickly, and this flexible cartilage lets the skull expand to make room. If the baby doesn't have this then they have it you just dont know where it is.

Do you think it is right for a 7yr old to know what gay is?

personally i do because in todays world alot of people are homosexual and at the tender age of seven they could get confused when they here the word gay or see two men kissing on soaps. Also, even though they are only seven, a constant name to be called in school is " gay boy " or " homo " which is ( Full Answer )

What is the soft spot on baby's head?

The soft spots are known as fontanelles. There are two of them and they may vary in size a little bit. The one at the back of the head is usually smaller than the other and triangular in shape. This is known as the posterior fontanelle. The other one is larger and is on the top of the head. It is di ( Full Answer )

What birds are speckled and have a red spot on the back of their heads?

My first guess is the hairy Woodpecker of 9". It iswhite in the front, while black and white speckled on the back with a red dot on the back of the head.. There is also the 6" Downy Woodpecker. It is basically the same as the last one only smaller.. There are are various other woodpeckers that may ( Full Answer )

Is there a problem if an adult notices a soft spot on the top of their head although there is no pain associated with the soft spot?

This is called the Fontanelle and is a gap in the bones of the top of the skull. When a baby passes through the birth canal the skull bones overlap each other like rose petals,During early life the skull bones unite along sutures and the fontanelle usually closes completely.You may be a rare case of ( Full Answer )

Medical term for soft spot on babys head?

The membranes that link the two sides of a baby's cranium is calledthe fontanelle. The elasticity of the membrane allows for thebaby's growth over the first nine to eighteen months of life.

When does a baby not need a soft spot on their head?

Soft spots, or fontanelles, are spaces in the skull that have not matured into bone yet. They allow the baby's brain to grow and make the skull more flexible so the baby can move down the birth canal. By the time the child is 2 years old their skull will be fully developed and the soft spots will be ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a flat spot on the top of head towards the back?

it's usually when your a baby and you lay on the back of your head and which the baby's head is very soft it can deform and become flat this could affect your heath,How? it could block your brain from growing to it's full potential and could cause ADHD.

Soft spots of a newborn baby's head?

The bones on baby's head are not fully grown and joined yet. because the head is the biggest part of the body, this also helps at birth, because bones can move a little bit and baby can be squeezed through birth canal. bones grow and then attach themselves a few months after the birth. do NOT push t ( Full Answer )

How do you get revenge on your 7yr old brother?

You shouldn't. If he did something TERRIBLE to you... then just warn him... a simple warning (not a threat) just a warning you will do something he is afraid of. Maybe sneak in his room at night wearing a scarish costume, scare him to death, run to ur room, and keep doing that again and again each n ( Full Answer )

What to do about a 7yr old that has one testicle undecended?

If a 7 year old boy's testicle hasn't descended yet, it is important to take him to a doctor for evaluation. Usually if a boy's testicles haven't descended by 1 to 2 years of age, they will undergo surgery to place them in the scrotum. A testicle that remains in either the inguinal canal or in the a ( Full Answer )

What are soft spots in a babys head called?

"Fontanelle" (sometimes spelled "fontanel".) There are actually four of them, but the anterior fontanelle (directly on top) is usually the most noticeable.

When does the soft spot on a babies head close?

The soft spot on a baby's head closes as he or she grows. Since thehead is still developing as an infant, it will gradually come intoits own as the child grows.

What is the soft spot on the infant's head called?

There are actually two soft spots on an infant's head and they'recalled "fontanelles". The posterior fontanelle is a soft spotlocated on the back of the infant's head. The anterior fontanelleis a soft spot located on top of the infant's head.