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My 91 integra is giving me problem the car shifts into every gear yet the car after 3000RPM goes no where in every gear even when the flooring the gas and still does nothing what could cause this prob?

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December 07, 2008 1:33AM

You may need to replace the distributor. If you have check engine light going off while your approching 3k rpm check the ECU(engine control modual) near the passenger kick panel under near the carped there should be a window and your can retrieve engine codes or MIL through this port hole. These numbers are in flashes long pauses are for number like 10 short blinks are numbers like 1-9 your issue could also be caused by an over filled crankcase meaning too much oil in the car check the oil for it to be at a statisfactory level and mkae sure that the spark plugs and wires are up to par